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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Saturday, July 15, 2017 at 4:34:59 AM

Artist: cYsmix
Title: Breeze
Source: osu!
Tags: featured artist monthly beatmapping contest MBC sea arabia ocean Chronocide dudehacker
BPM: 140
Filesize: 3994kb
Play Time: 01:44
Difficulties Available:

Download: cYsmix - Breeze
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Smell the sea,
Feel the breeze,
hear the ocean,
Be at Ease

Winner of MBC #14!

Honorable mentions:
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About the set!
The reason why this has Arabic difficulty naming is because the month i mapped this in was a sorta special month for me, and i remember about how Arabs use to fearlessly sail through the seven seas (be it a myth from Arabian knights or a true story of how they pioneer'd the sea in the ninth to the thirteenth century.

so we know the story why i chose the theme arabic, but what do the names hold? it simply means sea currents,

    Naseem: Breeze, it is a normal and easy current that is what you will face first thing at sea.
    Designed to appeal to new players looking into trying out mania for their first time, a bit difficult but not necessarily impossible of a learning curve.

    Tayar: Current, you'll have to decide if it's safe to continue against the vast ocean by looking at a compass and study the current to determine the climax. Lots of 1/4 which are pitch focused, and has a more harsher curve than the difficulty below it.

    A'sifa: Be warned! you will face a fearless situation against furious winds and gigantic waves that are not for the weak-hearted, a test to you as a sailor! Rigid patterning, not like the hardest difficulty in the set, a few LN patterning but the map overall are anchor harsh streams.

    Hayajan: (apparently this had no translation in English) The final enemy against any sailor, this is a most devastating storm in the entire world! you'll have plenty of things to deal with such as big waves, thunder, hurricanes, strong wind that would make the end for any ship! are you ready to take this challenge? Smooth streams, with mini LNs and LN patterns with fast rolls on occasion.


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this map? win? seriously?
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DraciuZ wrote:
this map? win? seriously?
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DraciuZ wrote:
this map? win? seriously?

Ur mum? Bitch? Seriously?
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mod on request 1 2 3 4
01:29:171 - not sure why the kiai starts here when it feels like it should be 01:30:885 -

00:40:743 (40743|2,41171|3) - flip for pitch
00:50:171 (50171|0,50600|2,51028|1,51457|3) - 3 4 1 2 for pitch?
00:52:957 (52957|2) - should be at 4 for pitch
00:54:671 (54671|2,54885|3) - flip for pitch
00:57:457 (57457|0,57885|1,58314|2) - should be on 2 3 4 instead for pitch as well
00:59:171 (59171|3,60028|0) - 3 4 for pitch
01:43:743 - pretty awkward to finish here
Minor pitch issues but overall decent chart

00:52:957 (52957|2,53171|3) - flip for pitch
00:57:885 (57885|2,57885|1) - can probably switch
01:00:885 (60885|1) - this should definetly be at 4
Not much to say, pretty decent chart

gud luk for renk
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IRC things
03:17 Soul Evans: hey xeo
03:17 XeoStyle: hi
03:18 Soul Evans: uhmmm, mind taking a quick look at a map although it's not your taste in music lol
03:18 XeoStyle: sure
03:19 *Soul Evans is listening to [ cYsmix - Breeze]
03:19 Soul Evans: err last diff
03:20 Soul Evans: Winner of MBC april month
03:21 XeoStyle: mbc ?
03:21 Soul Evans: monthly beatmapping contest
03:21 XeoStyle: oh
03:21 XeoStyle: gratz
03:22 Soul Evans: ty <3
03:23 XeoStyle: What do you want exactly
03:23 XeoStyle: playtest or IRC mod ?
03:23 Soul Evans: yeah very quick irc mod
03:23 Soul Evans: owo
03:24 XeoStyle: is it the maximal diff ?
03:25 Soul Evans: you mean if i want you to mod the last diff?
03:25 Soul Evans: yeah last diff only
03:25 Soul Evans: i'll let other modders do the easier diffs
03:26 XeoStyle: No no
03:26 XeoStyle: it's pattern wise
03:26 XeoStyle: because it would be really nice
03:27 XeoStyle: to have jacks on the MX
03:27 XeoStyle: at 00:02:171 -
03:27 XeoStyle:
03:30 Soul Evans: `that's a nice idea
03:30 Soul Evans: i can see it work
03:30 Soul Evans: done that
03:31 XeoStyle: nice
03:31 XeoStyle: 00:42:028 (42028|1,42082|2,42135|0,42189|1,42243|2) -
03:31 XeoStyle: you can maybe change that
03:31 XeoStyle: for 23 LN
03:31 XeoStyle: It's gonna be easier, but more pitch accurate
03:32 Soul Evans: can you give me an example screenshot please lol
03:32 XeoStyle: (also i'm just going though the map)
03:32 XeoStyle:
03:34 Soul Evans: yeah yeah that's fine 'w'
03:34 Soul Evans: thanks for doing this
03:34 XeoStyle: npnp
03:34 XeoStyle:
03:34 XeoStyle: oops
03:34 XeoStyle: 00:15:457 (15457|2,15510|3,15564|0,15618|1,15671|2,15725|3,15778|1,15832|0) -
03:35 XeoStyle: this should be easier than 00:15:885 (15885|3,15885|2,15939|1,15993|0,16046|3,16100|2,16153|1,16207|0,16260|2) -
03:35 XeoStyle: because of the climax of the sound
03:35 XeoStyle: maybe change the stream to 1/6
03:35 XeoStyle: 00:16:314 (16314|3,16314|1,16368|0,16421|2,16475|3,16528|0,16582|1,16635|2,16689|3) - same here, change again to 1/6
03:37 Soul Evans: do they sound like 1/8 or 1/6 or do you think it just needs nerfing because playability
03:37 Soul Evans: because if anything the pattern you said for 00:15:885 (15885|3,15885|2,15939|1,15993|0,16046|3,16100|2,16153|1,16207|0,16260|2) -
03:37 Soul Evans: should be higher snaps lol
03:37 Soul Evans: well i am not sure still
03:37 XeoStyle: well it's up to you
03:37 XeoStyle: but at least do some changes
03:37 Soul Evans: i could make the 1/8 have smoother patterning and not use the chords
03:38 XeoStyle: yeah maybe just 12 43 12 43
03:39 Soul Evans: yeah did that
03:39 XeoStyle: cool
03:41 XeoStyle: not sure of the LN parts too
03:41 XeoStyle: but i'm potato at LN mapping
03:41 XeoStyle: sorry ;_;
03:43 Soul Evans: ok no you did fine lol
03:43 Soul Evans: thank you for the suggestion lol
03:44 XeoStyle: I'm not done
03:44 XeoStyle: LOL
03:44 Soul Evans: oh wao
03:44 Soul Evans: yeah ok
03:44 Soul Evans: oh btw
03:45 XeoStyle: 00:28:341 (28341|3,28394|2,28448|0,28501|1,28528|3,28582|2,28635|0,28689|1) - you could use
03:45 Soul Evans: should i make 1/2 mini jacks in this section 00:08:600 -
03:45 XeoStyle: something more tasty than just a 43 12 stream
03:45 XeoStyle: because of the buggy sound
03:45 XeoStyle: it sounds chaotic, make it more chaotic
03:45 Soul Evans: any idea you have?
03:45 XeoStyle: uh
03:45 XeoStyle: just make some random pattern
03:45 XeoStyle: that plays nice but looks more weird
03:47 XeoStyle:
03:47 XeoStyle: some shit like that
03:48 XeoStyle: 01:07:850 (67850|1,68064|1,68278|1,68493|1) - just delete this
03:49 XeoStyle: the sound faint back and I think it's a good idea to just keep the jumps
03:49 XeoStyle: it make a really good transition from stream to LN pattern
03:49 XeoStyle: like JS > jump > jumpLN
03:50 Soul Evans: if i'll remove those then
03:50 Soul Evans: i'll have to make the jumps hands lol
03:51 XeoStyle: no ?
03:51 XeoStyle: I think it's fine
03:51 XeoStyle: it's gonna break the overall patterning
03:51 XeoStyle: because you made it be 2 for the whole section
03:51 XeoStyle: then it's 3 here ?
03:51 XeoStyle: like ?
03:52 XeoStyle: I mean you can but it's not logic
03:53 XeoStyle: I think i'm actually done
03:53 XeoStyle: watching the map and everything seems fine
03:54 XeoStyle: except for the LN but i'm so eeeeeeeeeeeeeh
03:54 XeoStyle: ri
03:54 XeoStyle: p
03:54 Soul Evans: ok back erm
03:54 Soul Evans: would 1/4 LNs for the jumps be good
03:54 Soul Evans: like instead of a chord and whatnot
03:54 Soul Evans: keep the theme consistent?
03:55 XeoStyle: screen please
03:55 XeoStyle: don't get what do you mean
03:56 Soul Evans: sec
03:57 XeoStyle: sex
03:57 Soul Evans:
03:59 XeoStyle: yeah
03:59 XeoStyle: you can do that
04:00 Soul Evans: then did
04:00 Soul Evans: and uhh
04:00 Soul Evans: 00:08:600 -
04:00 Soul Evans: should i make these jacks for 1/2
04:00 Soul Evans: like you said about the intro
04:01 XeoStyle: yeah
04:01 XeoStyle: it's alright even with LN
04:01 XeoStyle: I mean, it's ok
04:01 XeoStyle: you can maybe make then shorter if you need
04:01 XeoStyle: or if you feel like it's too much
04:02 XeoStyle: like only 2 jack then stream
04:02 XeoStyle: it's all about giving a feeling
04:07 Soul Evans: alrighty i did something
04:07 Soul Evans: anyways post irc if you are donerino
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quickie cause pms also modscore
00:31:100 (31100|2,31207|3,31314|2,31421|3,31528|2) - slightly awkward trill to deal with because there isn't really "trilly" in the music. Would like 00:31:100 (31100|2) - to go to 2. Also consider the fact that nowhere else in this section has a trill this long
00:59:600 (59600|3) - empty space in 1 bothers me. Though there seems to be some PR, if there aren't any, move to 1
01:36:885 (96885|2) - reverse shields have been quite common in this section so why not pull one off here. Where this is shortened by 1/4 and add a note at 3 in 01:37:314 -

just a quickie yeah. I'm in a middle of watching my youtube stuff >:d

Grats again, and best of luck! :D
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riunosk wrote:
mod on request 1 2 3 4
01:29:171 - not sure why the kiai starts here when it feels like it should be 01:30:885 -well i like using that place it feels better

00:40:743 (40743|2,41171|3) - flip for pitchi feel like the last note where i placed it is a higher pitch in a sense lol
00:50:171 (50171|0,50600|2,51028|1,51457|3) - 3 4 1 2 for pitch?i don't like this sort of pliability but the way i placed it is pitch focused already so
00:52:957 (52957|2) - should be at 4 for pitchkinda is pitched, but i guess moving it to 4 would be better for pliability so did that
00:54:671 (54671|2,54885|3) - flip for pitchdid that
00:57:457 (57457|0,57885|1,58314|2) - should be on 2 3 4 instead for pitch as wellok
00:59:171 (59171|3,60028|0) - 3 4 for pitchdid something similar
01:43:743 - pretty awkward to finish heredid something
Minor pitch issues but overall decent chart

00:52:957 (52957|2,53171|3) - flip for pitchok
00:57:885 (57885|2,57885|1) - can probably switchwill probs keep bcs it makes a bad pattern
01:00:885 (60885|1) - this should definetly be at 4done
Not much to say, pretty decent chart

00:08:385 (8385|1,8600|1,8814|1,9028|1) - anchor
00:09:028 (9028|0,9243|0,9457|0,9671|0,9885|0) - ^
00:10:743 (10743|0,10957|0,11171|0,11385|0,11600|0,11814|0,12028|0) - one bigass anchor
00:12:671 (12671|0,12885|0,13100|0,13314|0) - ^
00:18:885 (18885|0,18993|1) - seems inconsistent with your patterningthis one sounded different in terms of how clear i can hear it so i'll keep it as it is
00:31:314 (31314|1,31528|1,31743|1,31957|1) - anchori think that seems fine as it is
00:37:100 (37100|1,37314|1,37528|1,37743|1) - ^that isn't a big problem since the first is a trill and second is a jumptrillable Js pattern
00:38:171 (38171|1,38385|1,38600|1,38814|1,39028|1) - ^
00:49:743 (49743|3,49850|2,49957|1,50064|0) - though i see why you charted it like this, seems very inconsistent with the following patternsi'll see what i can do about it later
01:06:564 (66564|2,66778|2,66885|0,66993|2,67100|0,67207|2,67314|0,67528|0,67743|0) - are these intentional?i believe so
01:08:385 (68385|1,68385|3,68600|2,68600|0) - you charted these as trills just now, why suddenly turn into doubles?because before it had 1/4 but now it sounds more of an isolated 1/2 so i can see why chrono did it like that
01:20:814 (80814|0,81028|0,81243|0,81457|0) - anchori think he did it like that intentionally
01:22:528 (82528|2,82743|2,82957|2,83171|2,83385|2,83600|2,83814|2,84028|2,84243|2,84457|2,84671|2,84885|2,85207|2,85421|2) - long ass anchori think this is hardly a problem, it plays like a regular handstream so it isn't that deadly
01:36:885 (96885|2,97100|2,97314|2,97528|2) - ^same here
Unusually anchory, try to avoid using too many no reply = applied

00:09:457 (9457|2,9671|2,9885|2,10100|2,10314|2,10528|2,10743|2) - anchor
00:39:350 (39350|1) - i feel like this ln is a ghost notedoesn't sound that way to me
00:50:600 (50600|1,50814|1,51028|1,51243|1,51457|1) - anchor
00:50:171 (50171|2,50171|3,50171|0) - why the usage of triples?because i use it for the main beat, although if it was 1/2 i use doubles
01:07:743 (67743|2,67957|2,68171|2,68385|2) - anchor
01:22:314 (82314|0,82528|0,82743|0,82957|0,83171|0,83385|0,83600|0,83814|0) - ^
Decent chart, not really much to say

gud luk for renk

Lenfried- wrote:
quickie cause pms also modscore
00:31:100 (31100|2,31207|3,31314|2,31421|3,31528|2) - slightly awkward trill to deal with because there isn't really "trilly" in the music. Would like 00:31:100 (31100|2) - to go to 2. Also consider the fact that nowhere else in this section has a trill this longdid something similar
00:59:600 (59600|3) - empty space in 1 bothers me. Though there seems to be some PR, if there aren't any, move to 1k
01:36:885 (96885|2) - reverse shields have been quite common in this section so why not pull one off here. Where this is shortened by 1/4 and add a note at 3 in 01:37:314 -nice suggestion

just a quickie yeah. I'm in a middle of watching my youtube stuff >:d

Grats again, and best of luck! :D

Thank you guys!
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insta quick irc ofc
22:44 Soul Evans: hello lului
22:44 Garalulu: hihihi
22:44 Soul Evans: mind if i asked for a very quick irc mod on somethin
22:45 Garalulu: yah sure
22:45 Garalulu: which map?
22:46 *Soul Evans is editing [ cYsmix - Breeze [Chrono's A'sifa 'HD']]
22:46 Soul Evans: any diff you want
22:46 Soul Evans: last diff is noodles 4k
22:48 Garalulu: oh
22:48 Garalulu: it's mbc songs huh
22:49 *Garalulu is editing [ cYsmix - Breeze [Hayajan 'MX']]
22:50 Soul Evans: i
22:50 Soul Evans: won
22:50 Soul Evans: LOL
22:50 Garalulu: lol
22:50 Garalulu: congratz
22:50 Garalulu: oki start
22:51 Soul Evans: ty <3
22:51 Garalulu: 00:09:135 - this sound is same with 00:02:278 (2278|1) tho
22:53 Soul Evans: k gimma a second let me reply to a mod
22:53 Garalulu: yap
23:03 Soul Evans: ok we can
23:03 Soul Evans: start
23:03 Soul Evans: sorry for delay o.o
23:05 Garalulu: no problem
23:06 Soul Evans: ok so to reply to your first point
23:07 Soul Evans: the sound in 00:02:278 (2278|1) - here is why i added a note
23:07 Soul Evans: however in
23:07 Soul Evans: 00:09:135 -
23:07 Soul Evans: i didn't do it because it was harder with the LN note
23:07 Soul Evans: plus would be a bit cramped with the mini jacks and all
23:07 Garalulu: oki good
23:08 Garalulu: 00:17:100 (17100|2) - I think it's 00:17:091 -
23:10 Soul Evans: ok
23:12 Garalulu: 00:22:100 - 00:22:314 - you can add LNs at here like [ this]
23:18 Soul Evans: shit
23:18 Soul Evans: i forgot you messaged me
23:18 Soul Evans: LOL
23:18 Soul Evans: sorry
23:18 Garalulu: owo
23:20 Soul Evans: did that
23:21 Garalulu: 01:09:457 - 01:10:314 - this part is more quite rather than 01:08:600 - 01:09:457
23:21 Garalulu: so you can delete a rice note to express it
23:22 Soul Evans: how about i turn the note to
23:22 Soul Evans: an LN?
23:22 Soul Evans: like two LNs instead of a note+LN
23:23 Soul Evans: changing the pattern representation
23:23 Garalulu: cool
23:24 Garalulu: 01:11:707 (71707|1) - you can delete this to make a flow
23:25 Garalulu: i think it must be had a short break time before start next drum melody
23:26 Soul Evans: hmm
23:26 Soul Evans: did that
23:27 Garalulu: 01:33:993 (93993|1,94100|0,94207|2,94314|0,94314|1) - i love the structure like this :32
23:27 Soul Evans: same lol
23:28 Garalulu: 01:23:921 - it has a sound tho
23:29 Soul Evans: you mean a 1/4 sound?
23:29 Garalulu: yap
23:29 Soul Evans: k gonna do something
23:30 Garalulu: 01:28:850 - and you miss this sound
23:30 Garalulu: 01:27:135 (87135|2) - like this
23:31 Soul Evans: can you give me example screenshot
23:31 Soul Evans: on what i can do to it?
23:33 Garalulu: [ just like before pattern]
23:37 Soul Evans: did something similar i guess lol
23:37 Garalulu: lol
23:37 Garalulu: gj
23:38 Garalulu: 01:29:814 - you can express this flow like [ this]
23:41 Garalulu: knock knock
23:44 Soul Evans: damn
23:44 Soul Evans: ok gimme a sec
23:47 Soul Evans: post irc so i can give kudo owo
23:48 Garalulu: yah yah
23:48 Garalulu: yammy kudosu
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Small IRC and lazy mod
22:38 ByeForNow: ok
22:38 *ByeForNow is editing [ cYsmix - Breeze [Hayajan 'MX']]
22:40 ByeForNow: lol
22:41 ByeForNow: 00:07:743 (7743|2,7957|1,8064|1,8171|2) - ctrl+H? hand balance
22:43 ByeForNow: 00:22:100 (22100|1,22100|2,22100|0) - ctrl+H? pitch
22:43 ByeForNow: 00:28:635 (28635|3,28635|0) - ?
22:44 ByeForNow: 00:28:528 - probably prefer the double here
22:44 Soul Evans: k sec
22:46 ByeForNow: 01:02:493 (62493|2,62600|0) - Ctrl+H and move to left, hand balance?
22:48 ByeForNow: 01:08:600 (68600|2,68814|0,69028|3,69243|1) - maybe short 1/4 LNs?
22:48 ByeForNow: so that it's different from 01:09:457 (69457|2,69671|1,69671|0,69885|3,69885|2,70100|1,70100|0) -
22:49 Soul Evans: k did that
22:49 ByeForNow: That's all I think lol
22:49 ByeForNow: The LNs are decent
22:50 *ByeForNow is editing [ cYsmix - Breeze [Chrono's A'sifa 'HD']]
22:50 Soul Evans: ty
22:50 ByeForNow: 00:01:850 - missing note?
22:52 Soul Evans: ok uhm
22:52 Soul Evans: yeah uhm i have emergency family something came up
22:52 ByeForNow: o
22:52 Soul Evans: can you post the rest in forum ;w;
22:52 ByeForNow: Sure

00:09:778 (9778|3,9885|2) - Ctrl+G? Prevent 00:09:457 (9457|3,9564|2,9778|3,9885|2,10100|3,10207|2,10314|3,10421|2) -
00:29:171 - 00:39:457 - poor left hand, might wanna shift some notes around for hand balance
00:30:243 - vs 00:33:671 - might wanna check jump usage, 00:38:814 - is okay though as it's kinda 'hype' part
00:49:743 (49743|3,49850|2,49957|1,50064|0) - rearrange as [4][2][3][1]? pitch
Either, 00:59:600 (59600|2) - move to 1 and 01:01:314 (61314|0) - move to 3 for hand balance or keep
01:03:457 - 01:07:743 - nice
01:29:171 (89171|1,89171|3,90028|0) - should be jump and
01:44:493 (104493|3) - different snap from MX?

00:15:885 - ,00:17:600 - 00:19:314 - intended?
01:13:314 (73314|3,73314|0) - Make as LN end at 01:13:528 - ?
01:15:885 (75885|1) - as LN end at ?
01:30:885 - This kiai part feels odd compared to 00:29:171 - because of some missing notes like
01:32:064 - ,01:32:278 - ,01:32:493 - ?

EZ - It's fine imo

No kudos cuz lazy mod lolol Oh well
Last edited by ByeForNow on , edited 1 time in total.
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alright so

i dont get the diff names, whats the significance of Arabic(i assume it is idk) in relation to the song?

highest diff

OD 8 HP8? seems a bit low idk

two things
1) im not sure about you but 00:05:600 (5600|3,5600|2,5707|0) - 00:06:457 (6457|0,6457|1,6564|2) - etc. these beats seem to have a follow up note on the blue tick but 00:09:028 (9028|2,9028|3) - 00:10:743 (10743|1,10743|2) - do not
while this part is somewhat understandable
2) 00:11:600 (11600|1,11600|2,11707|3,11814|1,11921|2,12028|1) - this kinda just breaks whatever you decided to do in this LN section here, even more so when it is followed up by 00:13:314 (13314|2,13314|1,13528|1,13635|0,13743|2) - this transition

the bursts sections arent consistent either
00:41:225 (41225|1,41278|2,41332|0,41385|1,41439|2) - gonna tell you straight out that this is pretty cancer to play lmao
idk about you but i find it off putting to coordinate holding down one finger and hitting 1/8s with the other three
not only that it doesnt really align with how 00:14:171 (14171|0,14171|3) - 01:15:457 (75457|1,75457|0) - was patterned soooooo

00:13:743 (13743|2,13957|1) - not quite sure why you missed the 1/4 percussion here too

00:16:814 (16814|2,16885|3,16957|1,17010|0,17091|2) - cut the streams 00:16:743 (16743|0,16743|1) - here and just start your LNs there - the snaps are confusing and im pretty sure theyre wrong there lmaoe

00:18:457 (18457|1,18564|1) - do you look out for these things
00:22:100 (22100|2,22207|2) - gonna assume this one is intentional, would rather you emphasize on 00:18:671 (18671|0,18778|2) - things like these with jacks actually, like a [14][4] thing (bolded are the LNs)

00:23:171 (23171|1) - why isnt this LN'd - seeing 00:24:671 (24671|0,24885|3,25100|0) - looking at this here

00:27:350 (27350|0,27457|2,27564|3) - two ends and a start are on 1/3s

00:27:993 (27993|2,28064|3,28135|0,28243|1) - kinda expected these to be trills but i guess its fine
00:27:885 (27885|1,27993|2,28064|3,28135|0,28243|1) - pretty sure the snaps are off too
yo im on 1/12 btw

00:28:341 (28341|2,28394|3,28448|1,28501|0) - these are still 1/8s btw

01:10:528 - youre missing out on emphasizing the percussion by making this section as generic as 00:50:171 -
Image flip the whole pattern for the next section, this should be flexible enough - also added bonus the 121 212 trills follow the synths somewhat i guess idk lmao

01:13:314 (73314|2,73368|1,73421|0,73475|2,73528|1) - if you want to make this feel a bit grittier do something like [24]1341 - the 1/2 stacks it makes gives it a nuttier feel cuz it somewhat makes the player do a 434 but not really

01:18:243 (78243|1,79100|2) - there are similar synth lines as with 01:19:528 (79528|0,79528|2) - here so why arent those doubles

01:23:600 (83600|1,83707|1,83814|2,83921|2) - ssssuppopopose these are intentional too

01:32:171 (92171|2,92278|2) - not sure what this is for
01:33:885 (93885|1,93993|1) - same deal
01:35:385 (95385|1,95600|3,95600|0,95707|1) - keep a lookout for these things that form hidden jacks more

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here we goooooooooo


00:28:314 (28314|3) - was thinking you could extend this LN to 00:29:171 -
01:10:314 (70314|0,70743|3,71171|1) - make these 3 LNs that extend for one white tick?
01:12:028 (72028|0,72457|2,72885|0) - same for these 3
01:13:743 (73743|0,74171|2,74600|1,75028|3) - same for these 4
01:20:814 (80814|1,81243|2) - 01:22:528 (82528|1,82957|0) - missing hitsounds? (nvm I realized there are more later on...)
01:34:100 - note here? 01:32:385 - you did one here too
01:35:814 - ^
01:44:600 - idk if putting a note here would be appropriate even though it is an Easy difficulty, it's just not mapped to any sound. The final sound of the song starts at 01:44:493 - so maybe put it there instead?

00:02:385 (2385|3,2385|1) - I don't understand these double note usages. They aren't on a strong beat at all. 00:02:600 - this is a stronger beat, and to fuel my point, 00:02:493 (2493|0) - this has the same intensity as 00:02:385 (2385|3,2385|1) -
This applies for 00:04:100 (4100|0,4100|3) - , 00:05:814 (5814|3,5814|1) - , 00:07:528 (7528|1,7528|0) -
00:13:743 (13743|1) - This part of the song does not need a triple, a double LN would work so remove this and switch the snare hitsound to one of the LNs
01:09:028 (69028|2,69243|1) - I suggest ctrl+h this so that 01:09:885 (69885|2,70100|1) - this pattern here has an impact when the tone of the song starts to build up

00:01:314 - double for the emphasis of the pre-intro going into the intro
00:32:064 - this should be a double if 00:30:350 - this is
00:33:778 - same for this ^
00:58:314 (58314|0) - extend this to 00:59:064 -
01:13:528 - a note here for the trancy like sound?
01:42:885 - the LN at 2 starts here btw

I can't judge MX too well atm so I will leave it at this for now. Good luck anyways 8-)
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00:14:600 (14600|3,14921|2) - The sound ends 1/4th earlier

01:11:814 (71814|2) - Lack of beat might justify removing this one (even if you are following something else, why not follow both to some degree?)

01:13:100 (73100|2,73314|0) - Add a note between these two on blue line here 01:13:207 (73207|1) - ?

01:34:528 (94528|0,94635|2) - While this plays, on the styling side it appears different from the pattern this sound seems to be associated with (01:32:814 (92814|2,92921|3) - , 01:36:350 (96350|2,96457|3) - , 01:38:064 (98064|2,98171|3) - , 01:39:671 (99671|2,99778|3) - , etc)
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add svs pls

  • pls get more audible hitnormal like this or smth similar or . If you use any of those, you might wanna tone down the volume of all timing points to like 40% to 50% or so.
  • kinda agree with abraxos on why the diff names are in arabic but there's nothing in the rc against it so I guess you do you also think it's cause the song has a middle eastern feel maybe? sorry if that sounds racist, im just trying to figure out the diff names.
  • since osu! is already in the source field, I dont think you need it in the tags.
  • Add "MBC" to the tags since it's the abbreviation of the Monthly Beatmapping Contest
  • mentioned in IRC if you could make the distinction between the blurred and unblurred parts of the BG a bit smoother, but meh, doesn't really matter that much I dont think
  • might suggest you increase OD/HP of MX to 8.5/8.5 since there's quite a bit of jacking that players will need to try and hit consistently and on time. I'd also suggest shifting the rest of the OD/HP of the other diffs up by 0.5 (with exception to the EZ)

I mentioned what you need to do with the timing point in irc. Also, everything should average out to 1x but feel free to double check my math since Im literally an idiot. Last thing is you can reverse the order the SVs come in if you want, or change their strength. All that's fine, im just throwing out ideas really atm
00:01:314 - Could add a bump here that starts fast then goes slow which helps to emphasize the start of the snare here by itself.

00:14:600 - 00:14:921 - 00:15:243 - This would be pretty cool with some dragging like SVs where the notes almost seem to pause for the music

00:21:885 - 00:22:100 - Here, if you were to ignore the synth at 00:22:207 (22207|2) - you could do a stop motion kind of SV to show the repeated snare here. The pattern would look like this if you added SVs (I stacked the hands on top of each other since they're the same sound so I tried using the same chord)

01:11:814 (71814|3,71921|2) - I would suggest removing these two notes since it's kind of hard to actually hear a sound for them here, and instead add a bump at 01:11:600 - to represent the sudden 1/1 pause in between the 1/4 streams currently happening. You could probs do 01:11:600 - 2.5x and 01:11:707 - 0.5x if you wanted.

01:13:314 - as for the 1/8 here, a simple 1/16 stutter would work to represent the sudden increase in the speed of the drum build up (from 1/4 to 1/8 suddenly).
Something like an alternation between 0.4x to 1.6x

01:30:028 - Same kind of SVs I mentioned at 00:14:600 - . If you choose to apply them, I would try to be consistent and use the same values as done in th beginning (in the example I gave, it was 2.5x to 0.5x or vice versa, I can't remember lol).

01:37:314 - Same as mentioned in 00:21:885 - , assuming you remove 01:37:635 (97635|3) - to just have clean 1/2 spaces.

Alternatively, if you agreed with every single one of my points, or agree with where I placed them, you can just have the code here and mess around with the values yourself (just delete all current timing points and copy pasta this into the .osu)

00:02:278 (2278|1,3135|2,3993|3,4850|2,5707|0,6564|2,7421|1,8278|3) - And so on. Anyways, I don't really think there's sound on any of the blue ticks right after the even down beats (2 and 4), and while there are some sounds like at 00:03:135 - 00:04:850 - , they're so quiet that you could argue it's inaudible on 75% - 100% speed. I would suggest removing them in that case. It would also give half a beat of rest for the player to regain some control after the jacks since the pattern generally requires a tighter focus to execute properly.
00:09:135 - 00:10:850 - 00:12:564 - 00:13:421 - If you deny the above, for consistency purposes, you should add notes here to continue the 1/4 jack stream until a clean section break at 00:13:743 -

00:13:528 (13528|1,13635|0) - Might control J this to avoid a 1/2 stack with 00:13:314 (13314|1) - unless intentional. I also think it's smoother to hit since it would essentially just be a simple left -> right triplet with 00:13:528 (13528|1,13635|0,13743|2) -

00:14:385 - The LNs here are cool but they directly skip over the 1/16 buzz. So the player will hear it and expect something in the chart to show for it, but then there's nothing :/ . I would arrange the LNs in a way that at least has the start of a hold on the 1/2, like this for example

00:15:457 - Since the BPM really isn't that high, I think it'd be fine for you to use a 1/8 shield with 00:15:243 (15243|0,15243|1,15510|2) - and add a double on the downbeat, like so . I'm not too big a fan of the pattern there but that's what you should do if you don't want to rearrange the rest of the 1/8 burst.

00:17:171 - Beginning here, I'm unsure as to why you map the kicks with hands, and then only with jumps when it gets to 00:22:314 - despite the addition of snares which tend to stand out a bit more than kicks imo. To add, there's no real pattern as to when you'll map a kick with a jump or a hand because 00:17:600 (17600|0,17600|1) - 00:19:314 (19314|1,19314|0) - 00:20:171 (20171|1,20171|2) - 00:21:028 (21028|3,21028|0) - , and they tend to happen on any beat. I would just try to keep a consistent chord size here and only use jumps for the kicks.

00:22:207 (22207|2,22314|0) - Might do a control H here so that the overlapping LNs at 00:22:421 (22421|1,22528|0) - are on separate hands which imo,
looks cleaner

00:25:957 (25957|1,26171|3) - Control H for the same reason as above. Especially since the overlap begins in col 1, the release is a bit harder to do since you tend to want to release the index finger first as opposed to the middle (at least from what i've noticed while playing).

00:28:135 (28135|0) - This ends at 00:28:207 - and 00:28:243 (28243|1) - starts in the same place. The burst at 00:28:341 (28341|2,28394|3,28448|1,28501|0,28528|2,28582|1,28635|3,28689|2) - then starts on the downbeat of 00:28:314 -

00:42:885 - Might add another note here for the kick

00:43:743 - Would consider adding another LN here since the original synth has kind of died out by now and is replaced instead with a weirdly snapped static buzz or whatever. I would also extend it to 00:49:743 - since the disconnect at 00:46:314 - to 00:46:635 - feels awkward what with the music still going on.

00:49:743 - Honestly, for the bridge section like this, I think using triples is overkill. It makes the section too dense compared to the music. Instead, I would simply leave all chords as jumps to avoid confusing the player since there are places where you map it with hands (like 00:50:171 (50171|2,50171|3,50171|0) - 00:50:600 (50600|0,50600|1,50600|2) - 00:51:028 (51028|3,51028|0,51028|1,51457|1,51457|2,51457|3) - for example)
and other places where you only use jumps (such as 00:52:528 (52528|1,52528|0,52743|2,52743|1,52957|2,52957|3) - .) Additionally, the LNs here don't really feel like they have a consistent rhythm behind them. You just add them for the longish synth sounds, but at 00:57:457 (57457|0,57885|3) - , you map them with 1/2 LNs despite the similar measure at 00:50:171 - 00:50:600 - 00:51:028 - using no LNs at all.

01:13:475 (73475|2,73528|1) - Might control J this and shift it one column to the left for symmetry. If accepted, I'd rearrange the following notes a bit like this

01:29:814 (89814|3,89814|2) - I dont really think this should be a jump since the LNs here are mostly to emphasize the drawn out synths, and the sound here is like, anything but that. Instead, I'd just use a single like this

01:37:957 (97957|1,98064|0) - Might be better to flip the columns of these LNs so that the short LN is in 2, and the long in 1 since I think it's easier to hit notes going out -> in than the opposite way around, but this does create a stack with 01:37:528 (97528|0,97743|0) -

00:27:885 - You're gonna need to make your snaps match Soul's in the highest diff since this sound is some weird mixture of 1/4 + 1/6 + 1/8 . I already mentioned the real snaps above, so I guess you can just copy from that after soul fixes it.

00:31:314 (31314|1,31528|1,31743|1,31957|1) - Kind of a needlessly long stack here. Obviously it plays fine since the BPM is only 140, but you could definitely move the notes about to make it more balanced in col 3 too. Might just move 00:31:528 (31528|1,31957|1) - to 3 instead because the pitches of 00:31:314 (31314|1,31314|0,31743|0,31743|1) - are all different from the pitches of 00:31:528 (31528|3,31528|1,31957|1,31957|3) -

00:40:314 - Since there's no clear break in the music where you could change pattern here, I'd just stick to using trills so that the pattern within this measure is consistent because the snare is all the same anyways.

00:49:850 (49850|1,50064|0) - Since this section is just simple 1/2, I wouldn't begin the very first beat with a 1/4 roll since that first beat is often what sets up the structure for the rest of this bridge. That aside though, I do think the gap between MX and HD is a bit large here since this diff only uses 1/2 singles +
LNs whereas MX goes ham on the 1/4 jumpstream . To remedy this, I would just suggest using LNs + 1/4 stream in the HD,
like so

01:05:278 (65278|1,65385|0,65493|1,65600|2,65707|1,65814|0) - Patterns like this make me cry because it's so heavy on the left hand and the right hand only has one note :/ . I would try to balance it out by moving 01:05:493 (65493|1) - to 4

01:06:350 - to 01:07:957 - rip column 4 usage. For real though, I don't think the music supports unevenly weighting the columns like this since all that's been added is a heavier kind of synth. I would try an arrangement like this

01:10:314 (70314|3) - Move this to 1 to be consistent with the rest of the jumps in this section.
01:12:028 - I would try to vary the jumps and stuff here by using a different arrangement after the 1/2 spacing, like this
01:13:743 - As for here, you could try this

01:23:385 (83385|2,83493|3,83600|2) - Imo, think it'd be easier to hit if you control H this and shift it two columns to the right because then it'd play more like a right -> left roll

I remember you saying something about nerfing/buffing the NM so Ima let you do that first before I mod it.
Anyways, call me back once you've responded to the above mods and stuff.
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