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Project Loved Team

The Project Loved Team are members of the osu! community who manage Project Loved, the voting platform that promotes beatmaps to the Loved category.


The Project Loved Team mostly consists of captains for each game mode. Captains are responsible for nominating beatmaps to the Loved category and act as representatives for the community in having a good sense of which maps to choose. They also write short descriptions about the nominated maps to help readers get a feel for each map in case they have not seen or played them before.






Coordinators are mainly responsible for making sure all the captains work together to run Project Loved smoothly. They write news and forum posts, maintain tools, and help moderate discussions about Loved.

Beatmap metadata reviewers

Metadata reviewers check through every beatmap that will be put up for voting, and work with mappers to fix any mistakes before the maps are potentially moved to Loved.



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osu!taiko captains

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Video editors


  • Toy created the original team of captains in September 2017 along with the Captain's Pick system that was later renamed to Project Loved. Until late 2019, he oversaw and managed the whole project.
  • There is a Project Loved user group on the website with group ID 31, but the listing is not public. It is used for permissions to moderate the Project Loved forum and promote beatmaps to the Loved category.
    • Until the 16th of April, 2021, the only people that had been in the group were clayton, huu, Shoegazer, and Toy. Now, all of the Project Loved Team belongs to the group.