triangles Beatmapping Contest

triangles is a mapping and storyboarding contest focused on osu!(lazer)'s theme song cYsmix - triangles.

Submissions to this contest include:

  • A triangle-themed beatmap spread...
    • of the song cYsmix - triangles
    • following the ranking criteria
    • with 5 difficulties total: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane, and Expert
  • A triangle-themed storyboard with a .osb file under 1 MB.
  • A team of 2-5 participants.
  • A full submission under 10 MB total.

Contest schedule

Event Timestamp
Announcement 2022-05-31
Submission phase 2022-05-30/2022-07-27
Judging phase 2022-07-28/2022-08-31
Community vote and lazer playlists 2022-09-06/2022-09-25
Results announcement livestream 2022-10-02



Rank Team submission Mapper panel Storyboarder panel Averaged total
#1 Crazy Thursday 143 127 254.11
#2 Crush the Candy Boys 142 105 231.22
#3 三角形.tar.gz 84 149 223.67
#4 absolutno pofig 81 101 173
#5 Δ = b² – 4ac 78 84 153.33
#6 ? 51 106 151.33
#7 TV Sizers 115 48 150.22
#8 ULTRA ICE TEA 68 84 144.44
#9 Team Funny 88 26 104.2222222
#10 GokuLook Princesa 69 42 103.33
#11 Penta-force 36 35 67
#12 dreamers 9 8 16

See detailed judging here.


Contest judging will be handled by two panels of mappers and storyboarders. Because each group has its own specialty, the highest scoring team in each group will earn a separate prize.

Community vote

  • A player must play all difficulties of a triangles lazer playlist in order to vote
  • Prizes
    • Runner-up: 3 months of osu!supporter
    • Winner: 6 months of osu!supporter + Community Pick profile badge

Community pick profile badge

Mapper panel

Mappers' Pick profile badge

Storyboarder panel

Storyboarders' Pick profile badge

Overall prizes

  • Combination of both panels focused on all areas of the submission
  • Runner-up: 3 months of osu!supporter + Overall runner-up profile badge
  • Winner:
    • 6 months of osu!supporter
    • Overall winner profile badge
    • Elite Mapper and Elite Storyboarder user titles
    • Submission bundled with new lazer installations (after reaching Ranked status)

Overall runner-up profile badge

Overall winner profile badge

If a team wins in multiple of the above categories, they will be rewarded a profile badge reflecting all relevant categories.

Players are also eligible for prizes if they participate in the lazer playlists:

  • Easy/Normal/Hard/Insane playlist leaders: 1 month of osu!supporter each
  • Expert playlist leader: 1 month of osu!supporter + triangle aficionado profile badge

triangle aficionado profile badge


  • Submission must include the following:
    • A beatmap spread of cYsmix - triangles with FIVE DIFFICULTIES TOTAL: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane, and Expert. Download the beatmap template here!
    • A storyboard with a .osb file no greater than 1 MB. This is to ensure the storyboard is well optimised and doesn't take too long to parse and load into the game.
  • Submission must be no greater than 10 MB. While not required, we recommend designs that use simple shapes, keep resources to a minimum, and align with lazer's approach to UI design.
  • Submission must be in .osz format.
  • Beatmaps must be in osu! game mode only. Comparing beatmaps of different modes in a judging scenario is unfortunately not realistic.
  • Beatmaps should abide by the ranking criteria. While we can be forgiving for mistakes, submissions that could not be ranked without major changes will be disqualified.
  • Team name and members must be confirmed through this form.
  • Submissions must not be publicly revealed until after the judging phase ends.
  • Submissions must not be Qualified until after the community vote ends.