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osu!taiko Modding & Mapping Hub

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osu!taiko Modding & Mapping Hub is a community Discord server designated for all current and aspiring osu!taiko mappers and modders. Users are able to find many channels that help them grow as a mapper, or interact with the general osu!taiko mapping community.

The server mainly consists of:

  • Channels to request mods, guest difficulties, nominations, or other mapping related requests.
  • Channels where users can ask any mapping related questions, fit with experienced mappers to answer said questions.
  • A place to share modding queues in order to gain more experience.
  • A centralized place to find the status of Beatmap Nominators.
  • A list of useful references such as tools, RC proposals and other Discord servers.


Role User (Discord handle)
Server Owner Hivie (@hivie)
Server Moderators arcpotato (@arcsine), Dusk- (@underscoredusk), HEAVENLY MOON (@hvnlymoon), Hivie (@hivie), meiqth (@meiqth), Yasuho (@yasuho)


In order to gain access to the channels, users must verify their identity with their osu! accounts using AxerBot.

Authentication message from AxerBotWhen joining the server, AxerBot will prompt the user to verify their identity with their osu! profile using OAuth2.