osu!catch Modding & Mapping Hub Discord server

osu!catch Modding & Mapping Hub

Server bannerosu!catch Modding & Mapping Hub server banner, designed by Greaper

osu!catch Modding & Mapping Hub is a community Discord server designated for all current and aspiring osu!catch mappers and modders. Users are able to find many channels that help them grow as a mapper, or interact with the general osu!catch mapping community.

The server mainly consists of:

  • Channels to request mods, guest difficulties, nominations, or other mapping related requests.
  • Channels where users can ask any mapping related questions, fit with experienced mappers to answer said questions.
  • A place to share modding queues in order to gain more experience.
  • A centralized place to find the status of Beatmap Nominators.
  • A list of useful references such as tools, RC proposals and other Discord servers.


Role User (Discord handle)
Server Owner Ascendance (@ascendance)
Administrators -Rustyy (@rastei), Ascendance (@ascendance), Bastian (@bastian9611), Deif (@deif), Greaper (@greaper), JBHyperion (@jbhyperion), Jemzuu (@jemzuu), Secre (@secrectb), ZiRoX (@guille)


In order to gain access to the channels, users must verify their identity by posting their osu! profiles in the #arrival channel and stating what role(s) they are interested in.

Authentication processWhen joining the server, users will post their osu! profile and ask for a certain role, and an administrator will edit their profiles accordingly