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osu! University is a community Discord server with a focus on discussion about improvement, mainly in the osu! game mode. It regularly hosts various events such as top player interviews, tournaments, and improvement-related studies, and is also well known for hosting paid coaching services.

The server also hosts the grounds for the development, testing, and support of the Rewind program, which is a tool for analysing replays.


Role User (Discord handle)
Server owner DigitalHypno (habib?#2017)
Moderator _Joan_ (Joan♡#2331), Apraxia (xav#6699), chido (chido#6526), Dain (Dain#0001), Dorian - (dorian#1337), yfruit (a fluffy fruit#7626), im a fancy lad (joel.#1859), Kahli (Kahli#1017), Kuuube (Kuuube#6878), Gdzplayz (Gdzplayz#1227), Larkspur (auiopha#5267), peachansimp (Rylie#7704), shi- (shi#8850), Spry (Spry#1515), TGRElite123 (Straitos#8293), Ziplup (EdgeLord#4597)


Date Event Related links
2021-08-09/2021-08-13 Top player interview week (nerve control) YouTube playlist
2021-08-30/2021-09-03 Top player interview week (mindblock) YouTube playlist
2021-09-27/2021-10-01 Top player interview week (high AR) YouTube playlist
2021-10-11/2021-10-15 Top player interview week (tournament strategy) YouTube playlist
2022-02-01/2022-03-01 Tapping stamina study Information document, results document, results discussion video
2022-02-20 osu! community meeting #11 YouTube VOD, summary news post
2022-03-06 osu! community meeting #12 YouTube VOD, summary news post
2022-05-20/2022-05-22 osu! Talk Event: Overcoming Obstacles YouTube playlist
2022-10-01/2022-10-31 osu! Improvement Month Forum post, top player interview playlist
2022-10-08/2022-10-30 King of the Hill tournament Forum post