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Notice: While working together in order to find Hush-Hush medals is encouraged, finding them by yourself is as well. Be advised that the server contains solutions to Hush-Hush medals.

osu! Medal Hunters is the main Discord server used by the medal hunting community, where people discuss medals and medal solutions.

A lot of medal hunters work together in order to find solutions for each new Hush-Hush medal added into the game. Every time new medals get released, they are announced by one of the server staff members, threads for each medal are created, and people work together to hunt down the solutions.


Role User (Discord handle)
Server owner MegaMix_Craft (@megamix_craft)
Server admin Tanza3D (@tanza3d), mulraf (@mulraf)
Community manager & server admin MegaMix_Craft (@megamix_craft), chromb (@chromb), Remyria (@remyria)
Server moderator bentokage (@bento69)


Anyone can send messages in the server by default, but by authenticating with an osu! account using the Osekai Authenticator bot, members are allowed to send images and get a medal completion percentage automatically put next to their nickname.

Authentication message from the Osekai Authenticator botWhen joining the server, the Osekai Authenticator bot will send a private authentication message.

Nickname with medal completion percentageNicknames are automatically modified to show how many medals each user has obtained.