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osu! Originals

Original pippi (Idol outfit)

pippi's concept art by Sarumaru. Combo Burst of (old) "osu!default by peppy" skin. Chibi-pippi (Header image). 404 error image pippi illustrated by Daru (Can be found on osu!installer). pippi when osu! received an error.

Current pippi (DJ outfit)

pippi (New revision by Daru). Combo Burst of "osu! by peppy" skin. Header image. 404 error image.

pippi (Fanart)

Art by Lempika for MFC #2.Art by Lempika for MFC #2.


Yuzu by Daru Yuzu in osu!catch by ztrot Yuzu during a Kiai Time in osu!catch Yuzu while missing fruits in osu!catch


pippidon (Taiko mode). pippi & Yuzu recording a talk.


Ryuuta in osu!catch. Chibi-J Old pippi & friends in depreciated Special Modes.