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Player Name Change

One (1) player name change is included for free with your first supporter tag purchase. After this is used, the price will increase exponentially (up to US$100) depending on the number of times you've changed your name:

Changes 1 2 3 4 5 6+
Price Free US$8 US$16 US$32 US$64 US$100

This pricing is to discourage people from cycling through usernames quickly.

If you're not a supporter and want to buy a player name change, get a supporter tag instead - it's priced the same as the first player name change would be but includes all the benefits of being a supporter!

Note that we reserve the right to revert name changes if they are made in bad faith (ie. impersonating another user or brand, changing with an intent to cause confusion), or otherwise violate the rules laid out in this article. Please make sure you read this carefully before purchasing!

Your previous username will remain visible on your user profile via a small mouse-over pop-up after you make this change. We may remove specific usernames from this dialog upon request via an email to

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