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Artist:Petuhi zapeli Circle Size:
Approach Rate:
Title:Vesjolyj budil'nik HP Drain:
Star Difficulty:
Creator:Stix Accuracy:
Length:0:28 (0:27 drain)
Source: Genre:Unspecified (Other) BPM:120
Tags:zin yooh block head m3gb3g [heppy] neptunee baltika7 flashtop makisokk rise4ngel [phobosx] russian meme User Rating:
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Mar 30, 2017
Jan 20, 2018
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~Ku~ Kaa~ Rikku~ Ku~ Kaa~ Rikku~

Thanks !!

~1. m3gB3g for Chika m3gB3g~
~2. Heppy for Kyryatnik Heppy~
~3. Neptunee for Vesjolyj Neptunee~
~4. Baltika7 for baltika7 animewKO~
~5. Flashtop for Barashek Flashtop~
~6. makisokk for Petyh Makis~
~7. zin for zin's maxim~
~8. Block Head for BlockHead's NM alarm~
~9. Rise4ngel for Rise4ngel's NM~
~10. PhobosX for PhobosX's NM+~
~11. Yooh for Futsuu and Muzukashi and Cock-a-Doodle-doo ~