Beatmap Listing » Nobuo Uematsu - Clash on the Big Bridge (danooct1 8-Bit Remake)

Artist:Nobuo Uematsu Circle Size:
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Title:Clash on the Big Bridge (danooct1 8-Bit Remake) HP Drain:
Star Difficulty:
Creator:FruityEnLoops Accuracy:
Length:1:20 (1:20 drain)
Source:Final Fantasy V Genre:Unspecified (Other) BPM:180
Tags:8bit chiptune famitracker remake hytex _kennymc_ makisokk -space- error- User Rating:
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Mar 21, 2017
Jun 29, 2017
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Options:Modding / Discussion

All mods are appreciated, as long as they give constructive feedback.
03/05/2017 : Deleted Asriel's Light Insane. Sorry, I can't keep it due to the problems there's in it.
17/05/2017 : Deleted maki's Insane. See below.
21/05/2017 : New metadata. Update please.
03/06/2017 : Deleted Hytex's Hard. See below.
Difficulties :
Easy : By -Space-
Normal : By myself
Error's Advanced : By Error-
Kenny's Insane : By _KennyMC_
Gilgamesh : By myself and ideas from -Space-
Dead Difficulties Land
Here's maki's Insane.
Here's Asriel's Light Insane.
Here's Hytex's Hard.
TODO : better description
Thanks to :
CBullet - Modding on stream (feedback)
Akioru - Nothing, except being the best cancer of the world
_KennyMc_ - Mod
Hytex - Hard difficulty
AsrielDr33murr - Light Insane difficulty
_KennyMC_ - Insane difficulty
ViolentBoo - Mod
lilligantEX - MP3 modification + huge Mod
makisokk - Insane difficulty
-Space- - HUGE Mod Wall + Gilgamesh edit + support + thanks a lot + Easy diff + saved me with his backup + too much :c
Error- - Advanced Diff
Hobbes2 - Mod
ReFaller - Mod
PolkaMocha - Mod
SaltKing - Mod - Metadata changes
_Kise - Mod