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Artist:Kero Kero Bonito Circle Size:
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Title:Flamingo (WTN3 Remix) HP Drain:
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Creator:Nerova Riuz GX Accuracy:
Length:3:22 (3:21 drain)
Source: Genre:Electronic (Japanese) BPM:110
Tags:future bass electronic disco whitenois3 rohit6 nasya n/a User Rating:
2 68
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Jan 26, 2016
Nov 22, 2017
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意味不明だけど 面白いでしょ 虹色に染まった世界

It's ambiguous but interesting right? In the world dyed in rainbow color

Who said that SV Changes are necessary for a map?

Am I really making jumps?

Guest Difficulties
Rohit6 - Extra
N a s y a - Insane