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Title:When It Falls (feat. Casey Lee Williams) HP Drain:
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Creator:Sorcerer Accuracy:
Length:1:17 (1:17 drain)
Source:RWBY Genre:Unspecified (Other) BPM:105.3
Tags:withered lotus jbhyperion - magic bomb - volume season 3 opening User Rating:
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Oct 17, 2015
Nov 15, 2017
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15/11/17 - Updated hitsounds on cup
08/11/17 - Added a new Rain to fit between the Platter and Lotus' Rain because 6 diff spreads are cool

Mbomb's Cup by MBomb
Hyperion's Salad by JBHyperion
Lotus' Rain by Withered Lotus

Timing and mp3 taken from Pho's mapset!