Release Notes for b20170222.3 (Stable)


Add Score v2 practice mod (unranked). smoogipoo
Don't increase HR speed on HDHR in Taiko Score v2. smoogipoo


Fix many unhandled errors. peppy
Avoid OOM errors coming from replay exporting. peppy
Fix #multiplayer never closing for host. peppy


Fix incorrect Score v2 replay accuracy display in ranking. smoogipoo
Do not award pp for scores below 50% of the maximum attainable score. Tom94
No longer disregard DoubleTime for pp since per-mod combination scores now exist. Tom94


Reduce spacing between mods to fit Score v2 mod on 5:4 resolutions. smoogipoo


Fix spinner counter size animation not accounting for mods. smoogipoo


Don't use the current directory when in a temp file location. smoogipoo
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