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Real-Time Changelog

This log reflects the latest testing branch's status. Note that these changes are automatically built in test builds (in real-time!) and will end up in public releases around 1-2 times a month or sooner. This is a real-time automatic feed of all changes made to the osu! code-base, minus a few private tasks.

If you would like to know more about what is going on behind the scenes, you may want to follow my blog where I go into further detail about exactly what is going on in the osu! ecosystem in a weekly digest format.

Aug 9, 2017

 [peppy] Make last active updates more precise
 [smoogipooo] Forward /me messages to discord.
 [smoogipooo] Fix messages being relayed from osu! -> discord -> osu! again.

Aug 8, 2017

 [peppy] More locking and thread safety
 [smoogipooo] Implement new initialization technique.
 [smoogipooo] Fix duplicate discordhelper initialization on startup.
 [smoogipooo] Update Discord.Net.
 [smoogipooo] Allow adding both osu! and IRC clients as referees.
 [smoogipooo] Add !mp listrefs to list the match referees.
 [smoogipooo] Add !mp removeref to remove referees from matches.
 [smoogipooo] Rework !mp addref to not immediately add players to the match chat channels, and open it up to the public.
 [smoogipooo] Add better support for match referees and tourney command permissions.
 [smoogipooo] Allow IRC users to re-join their own tournament matches.
 [smoogipooo] No more "originalHost" - now "creator", with better initialisation.
 [smoogipooo] Make fake user ids work with ClientIrc too.

Aug 2, 2017

  [peppy] Remove news template
  [peppy] Deprecate tumblr news backing

Aug 1, 2017

 [peppy] Update changelog URLs to point to new site.

Jul 31, 2017

 [peppy] Welcome to summer! New seasonal menu backgrounds!

Jul 20, 2017

  [peppy] Update rules wiki links

Jul 14, 2017

 Code: [smoogipooo] Don't use special invite function.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Add comment.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Log match invites.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Make !mp password accept a password parameter, or empty to remove password.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Open up !mp password for public use.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Add !mp invite (public use).
 Code: [smoogipooo] Adjust condition.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Remove public access to !mp add.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Open up !mp kick for public use.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Open up !mp make for public use.
 Code: [peppy] Keep users' online states up-to-date.
 [smoogipooo] Fix tourney client 1080p scaling.

Jun 30, 2017

  [peppy] Update rules link

Jun 26, 2017

 Code: [peppy] Remove unused assignment
 Code: [peppy] Make a few more commands public
 Code: [peppy] Refine conditions
 Code: [smoogipooo] A few more permissions.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Let's not do this.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Fix incorrect condition.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Make IRC tournament clients able to handle non OsuMatchTourney.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Remove unneeded code from !mp move.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Fix !mp add and !mp switch permissions.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Make !mp move only move slots, add !mp add.
 Code: [smoogipooo] New permissions \o/.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Move Locked and tournament countdown timer to OsuMatch.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Initial permissions + cleanup.

Jun 22, 2017

 Code: [peppy] Add metric for rate limited connections
 Code: [peppy] Remove unnnecessary bool
 Code: [peppy] Add stable registration rate limiting
 Code: [peppy] Remove "DontHandleNewConnection" logic