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Real-Time Changelog

This log reflects the latest testing branch's status. Note that these changes are automatically built in test builds (in real-time!) and will end up in public releases around 1-2 times a month or sooner. This is a real-time automatic feed of all changes made to the osu! code-base, minus a few private tasks.

If you would like to know more about what is going on behind the scenes, you may want to follow my blog where I go into further detail about exactly what is going on in the osu! ecosystem in a weekly digest format.

Jun 20, 2018

  [peppy] Start storing user all-time best global rank
 [Nyquill] Fix potential BSS int overflow
  [peppy] increase limit to 250

Jun 19, 2018

 [peppy] Fix completely incorrect logic. Add error information.
 [Ephemeral] Allow 5mb of bootstrap space for mp3 file/background in BSS filesize limit calculation
 [Ephemeral] Remove marathon restriction and scale BSS submission limit to allow roughly 10mb per minute total length of longest map in set
 [Nyquill] Timestamp is now a native textbox, fix seeking via text input.
 [MillhioreF] Fix maps deleting themselves when changing a difficulty's metadata capitalization.
 [MillhioreF] Fix maps deleting themselves when changing a difficulty's metadata capitalization.

Jun 18, 2018

  [peppy] Fix incorrect pagination display
  [peppy] Hide threads from beatmap forums which use new modding discussions system

Jun 12, 2018

  [peppy] Update favicon with newer mobile versions

Jun 11, 2018

 [peppy] End of spring (if you still want the backgrounds check the settings for "seasonal backgrounds")
 Editor: [Nyquill] Fix snaking sliders breaking on toggle without loading previously

Jun 6, 2018

  [Ephemeral] Add achievement logic for April Spotlights, the Cranky Pack and the Mappers' Guild Pack 2 medals
  [Ephemeral] Add client medal assets for the Cranky, MG2 and April Spotlight packs

Jun 5, 2018

 Editor: [Nyquill] Save grid snap settings across sessions
 Editor: [Nyquill] Default grid snapping to off in editor

Jun 4, 2018

 Online: [peppy] Fix '/' characters being trimmed from end of message

May 30, 2018

 Editor: [peppy] Fix incorrect modding links being loaded for some beatmaps

May 26, 2018

  [peppy] Retain multiplayer match history for longer (6 months or indefinitely for tournament rooms)

May 25, 2018

  [peppy] Add link to privacy policy from registration page

May 19, 2018

  [Ephemeral] Update old site TWC2018 profile banners to display winners only

May 15, 2018

  [peppy] Redirect to new site for difficulty searches

May 11, 2018

  [Ephemeral] Add March Spotlights medal
  [nekodex] Add new placeholder avatar
  [BanchoBot] Add my noreply github email to the web-10 callback

May 10, 2018

 Code: [peppy] Revert flashing behaviour
 Gameplay: [peppy] Add toggle for removing dimming during breaks
 Code: [peppy] Don't show debug settings in non-debug builds

May 9, 2018

 Code: [peppy] Never un-dim background when user dim is set to 100%
  [peppy] Don't error on trying to change profile settings on old site after entering a discord handle
  [peppy] Attempt to fix forum posting

May 8, 2018

 Reliability: [peppy] Remove ability to osu! to automatically switch to fallback
 Misc: [peppy] Update crash screen to give instructions on how to see raw error
 Editor: [Nyquill] Add ability to dim background during playtesting (Toggle in Editor's View menu)
 Editor: [peppy] Link to modding discussions page for newer beatmaps
 Editor: [Nyquill] Modernize max and min assignable Slider Velocities

May 3, 2018

 [BanchoBot] Spring seasonal backgrounds are here!

May 1, 2018

  [peppy] Fix queued time not being correctly set for modding v1 maps.

Apr 30, 2018

  [peppy] Correctly use new beatmap rank queue timing
  [peppy] Fix error message not appearing when not having enough quota to upload new beatmap

Apr 20, 2018

 [jorolf] Simplify SetProportional in BindableNumber
 [peppy] Fix potential nullref if GlyphStore is used too quickly
 [peppy] Make sure each TestCase runs all tests under one GameHost
 [smoogipoo] Fix testcase SetUp methods not being properly run
 [smoogipoo] Log exceptions when asset loading fails
 [tgi74000] Add HardRock position mangling for CatchTheBeat
 [Joehu] Fix qualified category on rank status
 [peppy] Add back app.manifest