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Real-Time Changelog

This log reflects the latest testing branch's status. Note that these changes are automatically built in test builds (in real-time!) and will end up in public releases around 1-2 times a month or sooner. This is a real-time automatic feed of all changes made to the osu! code-base, minus a few private tasks.

If you would like to know more about what is going on behind the scenes, you may want to follow my blog where I go into further detail about exactly what is going on in the osu! ecosystem in a weekly digest format.

Apr 13, 2017

 Code: [peppy] Bancho throttling hax.
 [smoogipooo] Add a few debugging messages to DiscordHelper.

Apr 9, 2017

 [smoogipooo] Make sure the process has the correct window title before continuing.
 [smoogipooo] Local IPC client.
 [smoogipooo] Clamp to some sane values.
 [smoogipooo] Priority here is no longer needed.
 [smoogipooo] Start up recovery process on background thread.
 [smoogipooo] Add few ways to protect tournament client startup from failing.

Apr 4, 2017

 Code: [smoogipooo] Fix possible nullref by multiple disposal.

Apr 3, 2017

 Code: [smoogipooo] Add check for changing modes to IPC.
  [smoogipooo] Fix dot being on a new line and looking ugly.

Feb 28, 2017

  [peppy] Fix escaping of profile badge descriptions.

Feb 23, 2017

 Code: [peppy] Reference osu!common directly.
 Code: [peppy] Add discord "resiliency"?

Feb 22, 2017

 General: [peppy] Avoid OOM errors coming from replay exporting.
 Gameplay: [smoogipooo] Don't increase HR speed on HDHR in Taiko Score v2.

Feb 17, 2017

 Code: [smoogipooo] Fix Taiko ScoreV2 finisher scaling not working.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Better fix for Taiko ScoreV2 HR / HDHR (fixes HR on widescreen).

Feb 15, 2017

 Code: [smoogipooo] Revert Taiko ScoreV2 HP to ScoreV1.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Gameplay; Make Taiko ScoreV2 finishers award triple points on second hit, not the first.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Revert Taiko ScoreV2 to forcing 4:3 on hidden, but keeping HDHR fix.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Scale Taiko ScoreV2 first hit finisher multiplier linearly between 10 and 3 for 30 and 120 finishers in the map respectively.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Make Taiko ScoreV2 finishers award triple points on second hit, not the first.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Fix Taiko ScoreV2 bug with non-perfect finishers awarding 2 combo.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Remove Taiko ScoreV2 finisher combo breaking behaviour.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Attempt to fix Taiko ScoreV2 resolution, make 16:9 the reference resolution.

Feb 10, 2017

 Mania: [smoogipooo] Fix incorrect Score v2 replay accuracy display in ranking.

Feb 9, 2017

 Code: [smoogipooo] Remove Charts.

Feb 6, 2017

 General: [peppy] Fix many unhandled errors.
 General: [peppy] Fix #multiplayer never closing for host.
 Code: [peppy] Improve/fix discord disconnect logic.
 Code: [peppy] Add missing thing that would have broken everything.

Feb 3, 2017

  [peppy] Allow datadog calls to silently fail.

Jan 31, 2017

 Code: [smoogipooo] Fix Taiko drum rolls moving.

Jan 30, 2017

 Code: [smoogipooo] Fix HDHR broken on ScoreV1.
 Updater: [smoogipooo] Don't use the current directory when in a temp file location.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Fix SccoreV2 Taiko missing slider tick at end of sliders when the next object is 1/4 snapped to it. (fixes /t/98917)
 Code: [smoogipooo] Fix ScoreV2 Taiko HDHR.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Make ScoreV2 Taiko hitobject scroll speed scale with game width.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Move ScoreV2 Taiko slider ticks to "bonus" score so they are not a part of the 1000000 score.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Make ScoreV2 Taiko slider ticks worth 200 points.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Make ScoreV2 Taiko spinners give 100s if more than 50% (but not all) of the rotations were spun.
 Taiko: [smoogipooo] Fix spinner counter size animation not accounting for mods.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Make ScoreV2 Taiko slider required ticks scale with OD.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Remove ScoreV2 Taiko slider notelocking.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Remove ScoreV2 Taiko spinner notelocking.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Allow ScoreV2 Taiko finishers to be hit with single key.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Make ScoreV2 Taiko slider ticks snap to 1/3 when beatmap's slider tick rate is 3.

Jan 29, 2017

 Code: [smoogipooo] Remove ScoreV2 Taiko drum roll tick HP gain.
 Code: [smoogipooo] Drastically reduce ScoreV2 Taiko miss HP drain, more closely matching that of osu!mania.