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Real-Time Changelog

This log reflects the latest testing branch's status. Note that these changes are automatically built in test builds (in real-time!) and will end up in public releases around 1-2 times a month or sooner. This is a real-time automatic feed of all changes made to the osu! code-base, minus a few private tasks.

If you would like to know more about what is going on behind the scenes, you may want to follow my blog where I go into further detail about exactly what is going on in the osu! ecosystem in a weekly digest format.

Apr 20, 2018

 [jorolf] Simplify SetProportional in BindableNumber
 [peppy] Fix potential nullref if GlyphStore is used too quickly
 [peppy] Make sure each TestCase runs all tests under one GameHost
 [smoogipoo] Fix testcase SetUp methods not being properly run
 [smoogipoo] Log exceptions when asset loading fails
 [tgi74000] Add HardRock position mangling for CatchTheBeat
 [Joehu] Fix qualified category on rank status
 [peppy] Add back app.manifest
 [tgi74000] Add right click absolute scrolling in song select
 [tgi74000] Add support for replay mods
 [FreezyLemon] Make buttons only accept input when expanded
 [jorolf] Add badges to ProfileHeader
 [smoogipoo] Fix various leaderboard data races
 [smoogipoo] Update OsuTestCase with framework testing changes
 [peppy] Make BeatmapSetOverlay accept nulls everywhere
 [peppy] Add automated appveyor deployment

Apr 16, 2018

 Online: [peppy] Fix star difficulty not showing immediately in multiplayer ater download/import
 Stability: [peppy] Fix multiple other memory leaks
 Stability: [peppy] Fix memory leak in playlist jump-to dialog
 Stability: [peppy] Fix mania-specific memory leak

Apr 15, 2018

  [BanchoBot] Minor CSS fix to TWC2018 banners
  [BanchoBot] Add TWC2018 profile banners

Apr 13, 2018

 Code: [peppy] Don't report stupid
 Code: [peppy] Fucking explicit disposal everywhere

Apr 12, 2018

 [peppy] Further memory fixes
  [peppy] Sanitise medal output
 Stability: [peppy] Fix a more serious memory/winform control leak when using the collections dialog

Apr 11, 2018

 Stability: [peppy] Report beatmap count and compatibility mode setting on error submission
 Stability: [peppy] Always report ram usage on error submission
 Stability: [peppy] Fix and mute some of the more persistent exceptions
 Stability: [peppy] Ensure dropdowns never accidentally hold events open
  [peppy] Replace and centralise ungraveyard logic
  [peppy] Explicitly use -2 for graveyard
  [peppy] Trigger upload error earlier if quota doesn't exist
  [peppy] Add quota logic
  [peppy] Different error code
  [peppy] Move functions and block upload at different point for now
  [peppy] wip

Apr 10, 2018

 Editor: [peppy] In-game BSS will now restore beatmaps from graveyard when updating automatically
 Editor: [peppy] Make client aware of graveyard resurrection

Apr 6, 2018

  [peppy] Improve verification success rate when IPv6 is in use
 Code: [peppy] One more fix
 [peppy] Minor improvements to bancho connectivity

Apr 5, 2018

 Code: [peppy] Fix one more cause of memory leak (not minor at all)
 Code: [peppy] Fix one more cause of memory leak (less minor)
 [peppy] Multiple memory usage / stability fixes

Apr 2, 2018

  [peppy] Fix supporter remaining progress bar not working for gifted tags
  [peppy] Don't ever cache redirects

Mar 29, 2018

  [peppy] Don't send forum notifications to topic watches with email disabled

Mar 28, 2018

  [nekodex] Fix switcher-orb for certain beatmap links and on some forum pages, also increase offset when on forum to not cover bookmark menu.