Meet Yuzu!

The osu! community has been growing at a large rate, but now it’s the osu! family’s turn. Yuzu has joined us as the new official mascot for Catch the Beat.

Ryuuta was the fruit catcher for Catch the Beat for many years, but now it’s Yuzu’s turn to step into the spotlight. Yuzu’s addition also brings about a change to how the fruit catcher is skinned. fruit-ryuuta. png from now on doesn’t work. The 4 new elements are fruit-catcher-idle.png, fruit-catcher-kiai.png and fruit-catcher-fail.png and comboburst-fruits.png.

ztrot and Daru have spent a good few months working on this and the result is amazing. ztrot spent his time working on the fruit catcher while Daru spent his time creating the comboburst and polishing the design.

There is also a lot more on the way. I don’t want to spoil too much at this point, but I will say this, there is also a comic created by ztrot about Yuzu coming very soon, and a mascot for osu!mania.


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