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osu!weekly #86


It’s been a bit of a slow end to the year! Many members of the team are taking some well deserved time off with friends and family. If you’ve been too socially pre-occupied to keep up to date, worry not! Read on to find out what you’ve been missing.

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Weekly news

Flanster released a cool new tool to help you autosave your work when you are in the editor! Have you ever, frustratingly, lost precious work because someone spilled coffee on the fusebox and caused catastrophic failure of all electronic devices in your household? At least until we have some better form of version control in place, this handy little app will be the solution to all your hair tearing woes.

Two new storyboard showcases have been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. This time, Deadbeat is serving up lovely creations from nold_1702 and yf_bmp. Last week we also featured the brainchild of three storyboarders, -[Koinuri], pandorawindy and ShallICompareThee. That said, if you didn’t know about that already, why haven’t you subscribed to the osu!academy channel yet?

Another month, another soul crushingly difficult puzzle to solve! Here are the solutions to the puzzle starrodkirby86 put out for us earlier this month. How did you do? I’m starting to feel like I need to brush up on my knowledge of the community! Who is this VINXIS guy anyway? Whether or not you listen to him, stay tuned for next week when we put out something new for you to bash your skull against!

![](https://puu.sh/t6CvC/c80c7babab.png) *I heard he’s getting a bit known in the community*

Scorewatch: December Week 4 (with Raveille)

Are you feeling toasty this Christmas week? Hope you are, because we have some toasty scores too!

How fast can Rafis go? Can he go 200,000,000m/s? Well, he sure did FC that difficulty on antiPLUR - Speed of Link with an astonishing 99.77%, earning himself 454pp. Simply astonishing.

Another FC has been set on Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - Uta. Bring in - T A R U L A S-, who earned 3rd place in the OWC 2016, and also smashed this map with 99.36% and scoring 610pp. Brace yourself for another epic reaction!

_yu68 pulled off an absolute masterpiece of a score by FCing BABYMETAL - Road of Resistance with the DT mod, scoring 99.05% and grabbing 581pp in the process. This is about 310BPM with DT, which makes it even more impressive. This man seems unstoppable.

Something unheard of! Bonsai has managed to get the first HD FC on Reol - Gokusaishiki on the Hollow Wings' difficulty. The difficulty is, as you can expect, filled with abnormal sliders that jump everywhere. Don't think this is worthy? Check it out yourself!

How good is your accuracy? Anywhere as good as Gauderique? Well, he has become the second player to hit 20,000 SS ranks in all modes! He got the 20,000th SS rank on Various Artists - NAGI NO ASUKARA Songs Compliation. Seems like he will be aiming for 30,000 now. Wish him all the best!

The team has been cooking up something special for the start of the year! I don’t really want to spoil the fun for everyone, so you’ll just have to check back next week to see what's been cooking under the table. In the meantime, if you have something you’d like to share with us to feature on the weekly, drop by the osu!dev discord and ping either me or Deadbeat. Otherwise, just shoot us an e-mail at news@ppy.sh. Happy new year everyone!