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The osu! World Cup #1 (OWC #1) is a country-based osu! tournament hosted by the osu! team. It is the 1st installment of the osu! World Cup.

Tournament Schedule

  • The OWC started at 2011-02-21
  • All matches were played from 15:00 to 22:00 (GMT), from Thursday to Sunday


In every World Cup, people conquering a place on the podium are eligible to receive unique prizes created specifically for World Cup winners. It is possible that these items change with every installment of the World Cups.

Placing Prize(s)
Gold Crown 6 months of osu!supporter tag, special profile badge
Silver Crown 1 month of osu!supporter tag
Bronze Crown 1 month of osu!supporter tag
Special 1 month of osu!supporter tag (won by Japan)


The osu! World Cup #1 was run by various community members by distributing the multitude of tasks into various fields of responsibility.


Country Members
Austria TouhouNerd, Snowball, Hanyuu, Nharox, unbelievable
Argentina Wishy22, RocknRolla, Grisuh, Vivere, lota78, violentt
Brazil fabriciorby, Coy, Blue Dragon, Poisonchan, Antsu, Guerra
Canada FurukawaPan, Soulclenz, timotmcc, Ever 14, yanggaog, FruitTingles
Chile nVidi4x, Mesita, Netofe, ElxBeta, Art-FzTT
China kiddly, xierbaliti, KanbeKotori, Sprosive, lzy, Brother_Lu
Dominican Republic Lissette, Lizbeth, jmt_3, Magestix
Finland heintsi, Orkel, morovaa, Sutsuka, Mukku, Lanttu
France maestro delphine, _LRJ_, galvenize, Yomi, JesusYamato, Odaril
Germany Shael, Neruell, LuniaFreak, Jalatiphra, eMJaReL, Shinespark
Indonesia Hakeru Prismriver, intermu, Rasyad95, awesomewithin, awell, dNextGen
Italy Card N'FoRcE, osuplayer111, Lunah, Kr4t0ss88, Valde, [Takuya]
Japan MeRcYyy, taNa, Rigeru, Ozouni, Rorry, SiLviA
Korea KRZY, Cookiezi, Reisen Udongein, ehRh, M A I D, Binjip
Macau Ballance, wl01939929, starpun1, _____B, xinhe
Malaysia The 08 team_Bourdon, akupp, DragonSparta, Crimson_SoulZ, mycyber, mekadon
Netherlands GladiOol, Henkie, Lesjuh, Awoken, Happy30, eddieee
New Zealand NumoT123, toejamms, Skye-, Acidsky-, Jiantz, Deadbeat
Philippines dayun10, blacksymbian, jockeytiyan, wyndII, nachopiggy, bakaloidsky
Poland ShaggoN, kuburaczek, White Wolf, Niko-, rEdo, fartownik
Portugal JonnyThatJonny, creativ, sttailruby12, makkura
Russia GaShiK, larch, Kotya, Akai-, CracK, TKiller
Spain X_Ray, Skullboss, hyperluigi, Lionheart69, choche, migul
Sweden beko1994, Saten-san, palinus, Vikkez, Xgor, Darkoff
Taiwan Uan, Rucker, 0222101916, Tomoka Rin, FuNnY--, NanaDesu
Ukraine gorlum, rockleejkooo, Mosya, RainForce, gef
United Kingdom Doomsday, Natteke, aevv, Jericho2442, DiamondCrash
United States Lybydose, Mafiamaster, Cyclone, ebacho, naptime

OWC #1 Brackets





Round of 16

Group Stage


Tournament Rules

  1. One of two captains must post the link of the multiplayer history after the match, you can find it when you join the room into the chat.
  2. If a team not present during the match, that team will be disqualified. Opposing team is obliged to wait for at least 15 minutes for the team to show up.
  3. Any form of cheating will be punished with the disqualification of the team and ban of the cheating player.


  1. The first stage of the cup is divided depending on continent.
    • Example: Europe country vs Europe country (Poland vs Portugal).
  2. All matches follow knockout tournament rule.
  3. 32 countries. If not enough countries, cup's stages will be modeled based on the number reached.
  4. Each country's decision will be represented by a "captain" who will choose the members of the team and will inform players about the timetables.
  5. Captains will be chosen by language specific topics or discussions in IRC specific language channels made by trusted players/staffs.
  6. Teams should made up of 4 players and 2 backups in case one or more players are not available to play.

Match Instructions

  1. For each round, a list of 15 Beatmaps will be given chosen by a staff member of the tournament(a non-player). Countries can choose one of these beatmaps to play for a match (I recommend you prepare another choice in case your opponent chooses the same map) of the round. Beatmap packs containing the 15 beatmaps for every round will be created for convenience.
  2. The matches will be played in a private room created by one of the two competing captains.
  3. Settings will be osu! standard, 4 vs 4 players, "Team VS" mode and Win condition: "Score".
  4. The country with highest team total score (total score of all players) will win the map.
  5. The only mod accepted is No Video.
  6. In the case of a 1-1 draw, there will be a default tiebreaker map that decided by the cup staff.
  7. When a team fails, the other team automatically wins the match.