BanchoBot's user cardBanchoBot's user card

BanchoBot is a bot (i.e. a set of commands with automated responses) that assists people in chat by displaying certain information and announcing game-related messages. It has been programmed by Echo49 and is the host of the Bancho IRC (Internet Relay Chat). BanchoBot also has its own osu! profile and Twitter account!


For a list of in-game client commands, see: Chat Console

BanchoBot commands start with ! followed by the command. These commands work in-game and in external IRC clients. They can be used in multiplayer chat channels and in BanchoBot's PM (private message) tab. If a normal user sends a BanchoBot command in a public chat channel, other users will not see it, but the response will be displayed in a private message from BanchoBot.

You can also use the /bb in-game client command to automatically open a tab with BanchoBot and send the command immediately.

Notice: The SEARCH command is not included as it is not working.

Note: The user argument is case-insensitive, as usernames are case-insensitive.



Shows a list of available BanchoBot commands.

Usage Example

Notice: The user parameter for the REPORT command is missing.

pippi: !help
BanchoBot: Standard Commands (!COMMAND or /msg BanchoBot COMMAND):
BanchoBot: SEARCH <query>|next|prev
BanchoBot: WHERE <user>
BanchoBot: STATS <user>
BanchoBot: FAQ <item>|list
BanchoBot: REPORT <reason> - call for an admin
BanchoBot: REQUEST [list] - shows a random recent mod request
BanchoBot: ROLL <number> - roll a dice and get random result from 1 to number(default 100)


!ROLL <number>

Draws a random number from 1 to the selected number (default is 100).

Usage Example

pippi: !roll 1000
BanchoBot: pippi rolls 109 point(s)


!STATS <user>

Shows the entered user's stats. The resulting stats depend on the mode they are playing or last played.

Note: BanchoBot will not tell you which game mode the stats came from.

Notice: BanchoBot will respond with User not found if the user has never played a game, even if the user does exist.

Usage Examples

pippi: !stats peppy
BanchoBot: Stats for peppy:
BanchoBot: Store: 422,187,979 (#94718)
BanchoBot: Plays: 7149 (lv65)
BanchoBot: Accuracy: 87.29%
pippi: !stats Ephemeral:
BanchoBot: Stats for Ephemeral is Playing:
BanchoBot: Store: 2,384,155,536 (#33697)
BanchoBot: Plays: 14054 (lv96)
BanchoBot: Accuracy: 94.19%


!WHERE <user>

Shows the entered user's current location.

Note: This only shows the user's country.

Usage Example

pippi: !where Ephemeral
BanchoBot: Ephemeral is in Australia


!FAQ <entry>
!FAQ list

Shows the message of the entry. You can use the list argument to show all available entries. When a moderator uses this in a public channel, the response will be outputted to that channel. When normal users use this in a public channel, the response will be outputted through BanchoBot's PM.

Usage Examples

pippi: !faq peppy
BanchoBot: peppy is the lead developer and indeed, the creator of osu! and handles most of the project himself.
Tama: 你好
Yuzu: !faq chinese
BanchoBot: 中文用户请点击 #chinese 以进入中文频道进行交流。
BanchoBot: #osu 是英文专属频道,如果接获此讯息后继续在 #osu 内以中文交谈,管理员有权利禁言。
Tama: ok


Notice: If you want to report a moderator, send an email to for moderator complaints.

Note: You can also use the user card to report a user.

!REPORT <user> <reason>

Notice: When entering the username, replace spaces with underscores (_).

Sends a report to the Global Moderation Team or the Language Moderators.

Usage Example

pippi: !report flyte spamming in #japanese
BanchoBot: Chat moderators have been alerted. Thanks for your help.



Shows a link to a recent beatmap that is requesting modding assistance. You can use the list argument to fetch more at once. Clicking on the link will open the beatmap page or osu!direct, if you are an osu!supporter.

Usage Example

pippi: !request
BanchoBot: HoneyWorks - Tokyo Summer Session feat. CHiCO by MrSergio