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Problem Details:
I tried to stream Osu to twitch via OBS, but my framerate drop whenever the software captures Osu(and any other record software including XSplit, Shadow play etc...), I am not even recording or streaming just the preview on OBS, I have searched for a solution but mostly they are just telling me to get more RAM

My system specs are as follow:
CPU: i7 6800k
GPU: Dual GTX1080 SLI

As shown below it is totally not the problem of my CPU or RAM of GPU, they are barely working with 30% of workload
Not playing on Fullscreen mode does imporve the framerate to about 450fps but the delay is so high to be considered unplayable

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20170404.2 (latest)
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I would start by trying to clean up my pc for viruses and check if any unneeded programs are running and using ram I dont know much but I also stream and i had the first problem in the beginning and this worked for me
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