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Voting period has ended! thank you for your cooperation!!!

(voting period / 投票期間 : 11/24 ~ 12/15)

Hello, everyone! The voting has started for the Top 15 Japanese osu!standard Players!
Please cast your votes to players who you think have shown appreciable performance in 2019!


~ 投票のルール ~
・投票期間中のみに投票を行うことができます。(投票期間 : 11/24 ~ 12/15 0時)

~ 投票の対象となるための条件 ~



今回の投票は、google formsを使用した投票になります。


Top 15 Japanese Players 2019の動画は来年の1月中にYoutubeにアップロードを行う予定です。


~ Rules ~
・You are expected to vote in total of 15 players
・The total score for each player is added together to determine the ranking in the order in which the total score is higher.
・You are allowed to vote during the voting period.(Voting period : 11/24 ~ 12/15 15utc)
・You are not allowed to vote for 2 same players.
・You are not allowed to vote for yourself.
・Please make sure you are not misspelling the player's username.
・Please refrain from giving points because you are close to a certain player.
・Please do not leave any harmful comments towards a certain player.

~ conditions ~
・One must be a standard mode player to be voted.
・One must need at least 5000 play counts to be voted. (exceeding 5000 play counts after the forum is posted will not make you votable.)
・If the player has participated in more than 3 tournaments within the year, the player will be votable regardless of the lack of play count.
・If one did not pass the conditions, the player will not be listed in the players list.
・The 100 players who have passed the conditions will be listed in the players list, so please choose your vote from the list.

When voting, you are required to type in your votes. Please make sure you are not misspelling the player's username.
The players listed in the players list below are the only players who are votable. So please check the spreadsheet before you cast your vote.

Players list

This year's votes are being done via Google Forms.
Please click the link below to jump to Google Forms and please cast your votes here.

Google Forms

The video of Top 15 Japanese Players 2019 is expected to be uploaded on January of 2020.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any question, please contact me via Osu!, twitter, or Discord.

Osu! :
Twitter :
Discord : katatakatata#8085
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