[osu!std] Marathonian Battles 2 | 2v2 | 5k-∞ BWS | Registrations OPEN!

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With permission from the original tournament host Espalza, PayneTrain and Deflateddolphin present

Marathonian Battles 2!

This is a 2v2, Score V2, double elimination tournament. Teams of two or three players. Players must be below rank #5000 AFTER BWS. If a player is above #5000 with BWS when signups conclude, they will not be permitted to play. If their team no longer has two eligible players, their registration will be removed.

All maps throughout all stages are marathon-length and will be played with Freemod enabled (mods optional). Maps will range from approximately 5-8 minutes with tiebreakers 8-10 minutes or longer. Failed scores DO count.

Qualifiers will have a pool of five maps. RO32, RO16, and QFs will have pools of seven maps (one ban per team). SFs, Finals, and Grand Finals will have pools of nine maps (one ban per team).

Qualifiers will have a mappool of approximately 6* in difficulty. The overall range of the mappools will be 5.5* - 6.5*.


Registration: Nov 8th to Dec 13th
Screening: Dec 6th to Dec 20th / Dec 27th
Qualifiers: Dec 27th - Dec 29th
Round of 32: Jan 3rd - Jan 5th
Round of 16: Jan 10th - Jan 12th
Quarterfinals: Jan 17th - Jan 19th
Semifinals: Jan 24th - Jan 26th
Finals: Jan 31st - Feb 2nd
Grand Finals: Feb 7th - Feb 9th


If permitted by osu! staff, badges will be awarded to the players of the winning team.

In addition, each team member of the winning team will also receive one month of osu! supporter.

If you're interested in sponsoring, please contact PayneTrain.


Administrators: PayneTrain (host) | Deflateddolphin (host) | Saltystick (moderator) | woahsia (moderator)

Mappoolers: Deflateddolphin (head) | Dios Dong | Kaeldori | PayneTrain | Saltystick

Spreadsheets: steve_04_

Streamers / Commentators: PayneTrain | Deflateddolphin | Dios Dong

Referees: PayneTrain | Deflateddolphin | Saltystick | moof | Heresy | EthanTC | Green_Planet | nPHeaniX | Weavile | moss-

Credits to Xeious for GFX!

Complete the above Registration Form with your team name and team players. All members are expected to join the tournament Discord and agree to the tournament rules and regulations. Failure to adhere to these may result in disqualification or future tournament blacklisting.

Good luck to all competitors!
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