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Hey guys I made a small python thingy that lets you share beatmap sets(or your whole beatmap folder) with friends/community and it is functional as of right now, but it is still gonna be getting development as it is pretty lightweight.

Link for github -

Number one thing I would like to have is a gui, but that's something I would have to learn first. I made this purely because osuSync and whatever other programs I could find to do the same thing have stopped working. This thing is pretty useful to have especially for new players with no songs. The main drawback is that it takes a while in it's current setup because you can't just spam the server consistently too fast(reasonably so). Another issue is that it will use a lot of space on duplicate files but Osu! should delete them after the whole thing is said and done. Also the issue of nuking your downloads folder (current version only gonna make the files auto get shoved into beatmaps folder)

Let me know what you guys think!

p.s. if you dont have python you might want that to run this.
For gui I recommend going with pyqt5
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abraker wrote:

For gui I recommend going with pyqt5
Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely look into it
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