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My friend gave me a mechanical keyboard, but it's the Steelseries 6g v/2 (Black Switches)
I have 0 finger control with this keyboard, i only can burst and my old keyboard was a shitty membrane keyboard.
I train my stream everyday, but still have 0 finger control
What should i do ?
Black switches are some of the heaviest switches you can use. If you are having trouble with finger control, it could be due to your fingers not having the strength yet to activate the switches. Now obviously even with lighter switches you wouldn't be able to do streams amazingly - that comes with a lot of practice - but once you build up muscle in your fingers you should become more consistent.
Play more lol. You'll get used to the keyboard eventually.
I wouldn't say play more, you should just try to practice and play burst/stream maps. I wouldn't recommend the long stream practice maps cause that's only just streams and its not realistic. Just try to play maps that are in your range weather its 100bpm to 180bpm. I'm in the exact same spot as you. I have 600hrs and I still don't know how to do bursts/streams. Mainly because I played with bad habits and I don't do much stream/burst maps, and I've been loving HR HD lately. I'm in the exact same boat as you, difference is, is that im to lazy to learn lol.
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