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Hello everyone!! I have question... I can't play on razer green switches(analog cherry blue). Today i search new keyboard and had seen gk 61 on gateron reds. If u use this switches / keyboard could you write a review??
ty<3 if u answered
I'm currently using the gk61 kit but there's two versions, the regular hot swappable version that accepts MX switches and the Gateron Optical version, the switches for this one are swappable but only for optical switches. Id suggest you get the hot swappable one because you can upgrade ur switches later on to Cherry MX ones if you feel like it. The keyboard itself is pretty good if you get the right switches and keycaps, i bought some Cherry MX Reds and Gateron Clears switches and so far ive had the Reds taking dust because i like the Clears a lot more, for keycaps that's just preference i ended up with the AKKO World Tour - Tokyo set and just bought a new white case for it to match the whole keyboard, keep in mind if you end up buying the keyboard and you're gonna buy switches you need to get the 5pin PCB mount switches because these are easier to switch out and don't require soldering unlike the plate mount switches. Other than that its a pretty solid keyboard.
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