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How much better is it having a tablet vs using a mouse?

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Is it worth getting a tablet?

Currently I'm using a Logitech g502 and a cheap non-mechanical keyboard (need to upgrade soon) and was wondering what kind of improvement would a tablet bring.

Also another question: I'm currently trying to get past the last part of ILY marvollo (light insane, got an A on the hyper mode) and can clear the first part easily but the last part seems impossible to me, is this an okay achievement considering I only played osu for about 100~ hours? Thanks!

Edit: Sorry, only got a C on hyper mode, my bad. And I'd say I played osu for more like 40~ hours , maybe less, since I only have like 500 plays.
mouse can everything,

but most top players use tablet for a reason,

absolute positioning is nice

edit: At your level, you can totally just use mouse for a while. If you actually enjoy the game enough to stick with it, then maybe you'd want to eventually get a tablet, but the maps that you're playing now won't see any kind of advantage from switching hardware. Any random $5 mouse would be more than enough for you for now, you just need to read the maps and click the circles to the beat.

Please enjoy game.
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