[STD] osu! 1v1 World Cup 2019 [#1 - #5000 BWS] (Regs Closed)

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Welcome to the 1v1 World Cup, hosted by Pundice!

Discord Server | Main Spreadsheet | BWS Chart | Registration Form

  1. This is an international, country-based osu!standard tournament
  2. This tournament will be played with ScoreV2 and Head to Head
  3. The rank range for this tournament is from 1-5000 BWS (see below)
  4. Pending badges will count towards your BWS rank
  5. Each player will sign up individually
  6. The top 2 highest-scoring players will represent the country (TRYOUTS)
  7. The top 16 highest-scoring countries will be seeded into RO16 (1v16, 2v15 ect) (QUALIFIERS)
  8. This tournament is a double elimination tournament
  9. All players are required to join the Discord Server
  10. No staff members are allowed to play aside from streamers, commentators and graphics designers
  11. All match times are in UTC

A rough chart of the modded BWS chart can be found here

  1. REGISTRATION: Aug 17 - Sep 15
  2. TRYOUTS: Sep 22 - Oct 6
  3. QUALIFIERS: Oct 11 - Oct 14
  4. ROUND OF 16: Oct 19 - Oct 20
  5. QUARTER FINALS: Oct 26 - Oct 27
  6. SEMI FINALS: Nov 2 - Nov 3
  7. FINALS: Nov 9 - Nov 10
  8. GRAND FINALS: Nov 16 - Nov 17

Match Procedures:

Tryouts can theoretically happen whenever each team wants, but we have dedicated a week for this specifically. Each team will hold their own tryout sessions without the control of the tournament staff. By the end of the week, each country's highest rank player (BWS) will nominate two players from their country to represent them and play in the tournament.

  1. A referee will invite players into the match lobby approximately 10 minutes before the scheduled start time
  2. There will be warm-ups, with a maximum drain time of 5 minutes each
  3. Each team will type in the command !roll. Whoever rolls the highest number will ban second and pick first. Each team will have 2 bans
  4. Players are given 3 minutes per ban. Failure to ban will result in the ban being skipped.
  5. Players are given 3 minutes per pick. Failure to pick a map will result in the pick going to the opposition. This will not affect the pick order for the rest of the match.
  6. A player's scores count if they are alive by the end of the map (this includes reviving). A player's score will not count if they are not alive by the end of the map.
  7. All players must pick AT LEAST ONE mod when a map from the Free Mod pool is picked. Available mods are: Hidden, Hardrock, Easy, Flashlight. No other mods are allowed on these maps. Mods may be used on tiebreakers, but are not required. EZ scores are doubled.
  8. If a disconnection happens before the 1/4 mark of the map, the map will be aborted and replayed. This is allowed to happen twice for each team. If a disconnection happens after the 1/4 mark of the map, the point is awarded to the other team UNLESS both teams agree to replay the map.
  9. If both teams are one point away from winning the match, the designated tiebreaker map will be played. Players are allowed to choose mods, but are not required to.

1st Place: Pending Badge + 1 year of supporter
2nd Place: 6 months of supporter
3rd Place: 3 months of supporter

  1. Registration Link
  2. The rank range for this tournament is from 1-5000 BWS
  3. All players must join the Discord Server
  4. You will not be accepted into the tournament if you were unrestricted in the last 12 months. (osu! staff)

time to game :)
what the
spoiler: North Korea wins
Pundice how am I going to survive TWT
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just do it gamer i believe in u
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