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There are many aspects to a series that can make or break it such as art style, animation, character design, story, world building, voice acting, music and other misc stuff. I've enjoyed a few series for difference reasons, like A Trail of Blood because the art style adds a whole different feeling to the story, or Dr Stone because I find the concept something different to what you normally have, and the approach to progress is often presented in a fun manner. But what about other people? what do you look for?
I don't really look for anything in anime, I just jump in blind into different anime and take what I am gonna get.

However, my absolute favorite show are those with amazing character. By amazing, I mean character that despite being only drawn image, feels absolutely real and not fabrication, so real that I am forced to respect them as person. Some of the best exemple would be...

-Tamako from Tamako Market
-Kumiko from Hibike euphonium!
-Nagisa from Clannad
-Azusa from K-on!
-Rikka from Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai
-Nano form Nichijou
-Nagato from Harui suzumiya no yuutsu
-Araragi from The monogatari series

As well as many others.
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