Client side score glitch (I have a higher score than #1?) [invalid]

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I have no idea how to replicate this. As you can see, my score exceeds rank #1. Of course that's impossible caus I'm honestly not good, nor have I used any mods other than hard rock on this song since I haven't played it much. Seeing this I got curious what'd happen if I scored higher, so I played it again to get a better rank on it.

It seems to have fixed itself, and it was obviously cosmetic, but I've no idea what happened here. The number it gave me for the score looks like it was given to me at random, but comparing it to the other scores it's not a score that'd seem impossible to achieve on this song. I've no idea where the value came from nor how it applied itself to my puny B rank. On my public scores list the B rank that's shown doesn't seem to appear at all. It's as if it never existed.
MillhioreF, what??

your first score is 1,182,202

1,182,202 > #1's 1,756,141???
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Thread can be closed, I appear to have just been temporarily dyslectic or something and the 10,000's place swapped with the 100,000's place making it 1,812,202 in my head. I looked it over several times and even gave it to someone else to look at to see if I was just seeing things, but they claimed to have seen what I saw. They probably glanced at it, but I certainly feel embarrassed now.
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