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Jarvis' Taiko Modding Queue (FOR BEGINNERS)

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If you're somewhat familiar with taiko mapping or want a full mod, please go my other queue.

Status: CLOSED, i'm not mentally prepared for this, will reopen during christmas
This queue is for general advice only.
I usually won't make specific suggestions

Just leave your beatmap link here and I'll give it a check.

- This queue is open to those who have never ranked a taiko map, or only ranked easy taiko maps.
- no rap songs, you should stay away from them if you're a beginner anyways
- also this queue is for taiko, please don't send standard maps
- don't aim for rank, you're still learning
0.5 Timing
If you're map isn't timed correctly, you should definitely ask someone else to time it for you. I'm not here to help you with your timing.

1. AiMod
Open it in every diff with Ctrl+Shift+A.
Fix everything aside from
- Kiai is toggled very frequently!
- Kiai time is toggled on for less than 15 seconds.
- More than 1/3 of the map is kiai time. Consider reducing this.
- This mapset needs at least 1 Easy/Normal diff.
- Your beatmap is shorter than 45 seconds. Consider making it longer.
- More than 1/2 of the TV Size map is Kiai time.
- Background image is larger than 1366x768.

2. Metadata
If there's a ranked map of the song you're mapping, just copy it (aside from GD mapper names in tags)
If there isn't, do try to at least make it correct. Type all relevant information in the tags.

3. Song Setup (f4 in editor)
OD should be set according to the difficulty and BPM of the map.
(low diff = low OD, high diff = high od)
HP should be lower when the object count of the diff is high.
(low diff/object count = high HP, high diff/object count = low HP)

Example set:

Diff OD/HP
Kantan 2/8
Futsuu 3/7
Muzu 4/6
Oni 5/5
Inner Oni 6/6

Keep it on Normal, disable custom overrides.

Disable countdown
Disable widescreen support if you don't have a storyboard.

4. Ranking Criteria
please follow

Avoid mapping rap / complex songs if you're a beginner, stick to songs which have a easy to understand rhythm.

Lower your expectations
You are most likely not going to get it ranked.
Hi. I've made a post over on your normal queue so I moved it here.

Beatmap Link:

Thanks in Advance : >
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well since this is kind of the first map I have really tried putting work into this seems like a good place. I have been personally stuck on trying to map with space in the easier difficulty. if you look at it I appreciate it in advanced!

I'm new at Taiko, so I don't know if my map is bad or good. Also, I checked the list, and AiMod reports an unsnapped object, but I'm not sure how to fix it properly (or if I should just ignore it). Either way, the rest of the checks look good. Thank you in advance!

it's my second map (the first one was way too bad), need suggestions

thanks in advance ^^
not exactly my first taiko map, but the first for rank.
thanks in advance!
my first map and i'm trying to rank it in october
any advice is appreciated
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give me some time to finish my copy paste list
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Hi! I'm trying to map different songs at the moment, but this one is the one I want to try to get ranked at the moment. Thank you for the opportunity, here is the link:

Have a nice day ^^

I just tought that it would be fun to have a ranked map so i made this :D:D I don't know if it's good but well, i tried to do this as good as i could
Hi! This is my first taiko map and I would like some pointers on difficulty spread (is my futsuu too hard?)

Silence by Gourski x Himmes
Length: 4:03
BPM: 174

Thank you!

Beginner at taiko, never ranked a map, created this beatmap because i love the song.
Hey, I was just hoping I could get a few pointers on how to improve my map lol
Any advice would be great! Thank you.
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