Has anybody seen the anime Charlotte?

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- Roman -
The other day after getting done bingewatching Angel Beats, I came across an anime called “Charlotte”. I watched the first episode and I wanted to keep watching more, but at the same time It didn’t really seem that interesting. Has anybody ever seen this show and did u guys like it? What were ur opinions? (NO SPOILERS!)

Really good, one of those anime that defined our childhood
Westonini dies in that anime. It was a very tragic but fitting demise.

MAL has it at like 7.91 and its popularity is #65 so it's probably at least decent.
Tad Fibonacci
It's definitely not as good as Angel Beats but it's still an interesting show.
The story peaks at around episode 6 or so but the ending wasn't that great.
It's good. Not a masterpiece like other Maeda Jun works tho.

Plot-wise is entirely different than AB and both have amazing soundtrack (AB wins in the most-loved songs tho).

I mean, if you have the time you should watch it. I'm pretty sure that if you watch it not expecting great things (like in other Maeda Jun works), you're definitely going to enjoy it.
It's decent, although things do get pretty rushed near the end which was a bit off-putting for me at least.

Most people might be ok with it though so do give it a watch!
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