New "improved" difficulty rating system for beatmaps [duplicate]

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I don't know if this has been posted somewhere else, but i'll just give it a try.

The Problem!

I think the difficulty rating system for beatmaps we are using at the moment is out-dated, because the average skill level of the osu! player has risen tremendously in comparison to the old days. I know I am not the only who thinks that this system is not balanced enough, since the difficulty between an usual 130 bpm insane beatmap, which is rated with 5 stars, and e.g. The Quick Brown Fox - The Big Black - being rated 5 stars- is like worlds apart.

Nevertheless, i don't think the old ranking system is bad, it's just not up-to-date to cope with the real difficulty of the new super-hard maps.
My suggestion is, that the difficulty ranking system should be expanded to 10 stars to get a better overview of the 5 star+ maps.

The new way?

1. I don't know if the current algorithm for the beatmap difficulty, which is used for the calculation of the performance points, can be used to improve the ranking system, since its a secret. :o

2. Another option would be, that BAT's and MAT's should star the difficulty of beatmaps, but i think that would be much work and not as efficient as my the first suggestion.

That's it.
75% of the difficulty curve is Insane, what to say.

I told you this was requested before.
I am currently developing an algorithm for difficulty which works already pretty well... Gonna release it when it's done.
Well yeah, I don't even pay attention to stars because they're pretty useless for indicating how difficult a song really is unless it's a beginner song.
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