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[resolved] Old user has name I want, but no last login date on profile

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Problem Details: So basically, there's a username under the name of Nico who I *assume* hasn't played in a while. On their top ranks, their most recent play was 2 years ago. I am also aware of the Account Name Change Policies, but I am posting this because on their profile it only shows when they made their account, and not the last time they logged in. This concerns me because due to that I can't tell when and if I will be able to claim this username (I really want it because Nico is my real name and it looks cool. 8-) ) But anyways, I was wondering what it means when it doesn't show the last time they logged in, and if I will be able to claim the username. Thanks!

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20190529
This person has 87k+ playcount. On the wiki page you linked it says the required inactivity time is 6 months + 1 year per 500 playcount a person has across all game modes. Unless that changes, unfortunately I don't think you are going to be able to take that name in this lifetime, even if you could see their last login date and even if they have actually been inactive for 2 years (that isn't the case if you check their play history graph by scrolling down a bit).

The option to hide your online presence is available in settings, and I believe that hides your last visit date as well.
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I see. Thanks anyways!
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