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Current Priority: +2
About Taikosu! mapsets, usually they use SV value 1.4, so though it is completely working fine in Taiko, the slider length is too short in Standard.
So I thought about this.

- Standard Slider Velocity : [<] 1.40 [>]
- Taiko Slider Velocity : [<] 1.40 [>]

Of course, it shouldn't be used for just normal Standard diff without the right reason...
This would be very, very useful for Taikosu maps to maintain playability on both modes without compromising either one. Though I'm worried about how niche the feature is.
Hm, seams to be not a bad idea.

aquabluu wrote:

This would be very, very useful for Taikosu maps to maintain playability on both modes without compromising either one.
Yeah. That's the main.
Support~ if they make easier diffs on taiko lol jk
Good idea.

I also have some concerns with it being a bit niche, though. Wouldn't most taiko players want maps that are designed for taiko to be taiko only now that pp weights those maps heavier? And with the expansion of map set size, it's easier to fit in multiple taiko diffs. So there is a bit of disincentive to doing taikosu maps now, instead of just doing the maps separately.

But, that said, there are also a good number of standard osu maps out there, which when converted, wouldn't be too bad for beginner taiko players if it wasn't for the blinding scroll speed (there tends to be an odd balance... low difficulty osu maps convert with more sliders than you'd want in a beginner taiko map, Hard/Insane maps will have many/most of their sliders converted for a better balance, but at the expense of high (and often confusingly varying) scroll speeds). It's too late to fix them, but it would be nice if going forward there was the possibility of cutting back the Taiko scroll speed for maps that, for example, play Hard on osu and could be Futsuu or low Muzukashii in taiko (without even being explicitly designed as Taikosu). This could help address some of the concerns about the shortage of taiko maps in lower difficulties.
It would be nice to have some options to make taiko conversions better. This would be a start.
Even though I understand the point very well and how some maps could benefit from it, I'll have to disagree with the need for it because of a few things;

There is no shortage of in between taiko specific maps and difficulties, you just have to look for them or alternatively ask somebody for map suggestions.

Converted maps with an object density equivalent of said in between difficulty far more often than not don't really got unplayable slider velocities. I can with quite some certainty say that about 180bpm 1,8x isn't actually particularly high, and just about anybody who finds muzu diffs as too easy will be able to play it with no trouble.

Everyone prefer different SVs, or rather, scrolling speeds. I personally and quite a lot of others as well can't stand 1,4x and are generally forced to always play with HR. It's already slow and no challenge even with DT/HR and I strongly disagree with making things easier when they're not particularly hard in the first place.

That said, for mapping difficulties specifically to work in both modes this could come in handy, but it would make things by miles too boring and easy if this suddenly popped up and enforced the 1,4-1,6 rule on every single map. There's already a roundabout to this, and that's simply making a copy of your map and setting the slider velocity to something reasonable, and as such the point of this feature is pretty much no more than "make maps easier" which I can't agree with at all.

Rather than making everything easy, get an easier map to play and let those who find it to be just right enjoy it.
not bad
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