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hi i was told to make a thread about some stuffs
  1. we really shouldn't have to poke a second bn to dq a map for an unrankable issue, it just leads to needless waiting to fix something that has to be fixed, and ultimately can lead to sets not getting dq'd when they need to and unrankables caught late slipping into the ranked section. i understand that this rule is here cuz some bn's will fuck up and dq things that don't need dq's but that issue can be resolved, while unrankables getting ranked generally can't.
  2. there was some weird half-announcement in the bn server about how we can't dq our own sets. idk what the deal w/ this is but it could use some clarification cuz this really doesn't make sense. we function both as the mapper confirming that an issue needs to be fixed and as a bn confirming a report. there should be no reason to bother someone else with dq'ing our own set when we can just do it ourselves..
  3. (this one's more of just a question) are we allowed to just straight dq maps we're vetoing? if so, this further conflicts with how unrankables are handled cuz those are just as important but we can't straight dq those. if not, then that's like.... not written anywhere rn, other than "subjective dq's need to wait till the map's a day from rank for a response" which doesn't sound right at all, and also implies another bn would need to dq it as well, which again is a needless middle-man for something that should only require a single bn

i don't have a problem stamp i'm scared and confused
A bit late, but for the record we addressed some of the things here and announced it in the BN Server the same day this was made.

BN Rules changed from this:
  1. You can immediately dq for unankables if the estimated time until rank is 2 days
  2. You can self-dq your own stuff immediately
  3. You can't veto for unrankables

As for not being able to dq instantly while there's still ample time until rank, see https://github.com/ppy/osu-web/issues/4405#issuecomment-490835134. I get that some issues are really obvious but defining each one and assuming that all bns can spot these equally well is probably not realistic. Once we get a more reliable aimod we could probably allow dqs for anything it spots without further confirmation

Reason dqs can't be instantly dqed for but vetoes can is because dqs are essentially an upheld veto on a stick - the mapper literally cannot do anything about it because it was deemed unrankable so they're forced to change things, whereas with vetoes they can request mediation and actually argue against the issue if they disagree.

Edit: Problem stamps being connected to dqs is an issue with osu-web, see #4405
looks like there's nothing left to say here, so gonna archive

if there's anything specific someone wants changed with bn rules, it's probably best to post on https://osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/87 since that's hwere most bn rule discussion happens already (and conversation isn't restricted by usergroup)
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