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H i r o k i
Hey there!

Some rules before you request for modding.:

-I’m okay with modding new mappers’ maps but sometimes I will not accept them
based on my mood, song or the amount of effort the mapper had put into his map/mapset.

-I LOVE creativity. Especially if you want to go ranked with it. So if you have anything creative
which you can share with me I’d gladly take a look at them.

-I prefer Wub(aka.: tech songs), alternate maps and full mapsets.

-Leave your AR 9.8, 7-8 star maps, and the meme songs out of the Que please.

Thank you! :D
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H i r o k i
Open for now
Alex Kaulfild
not a woob, not creative, not a new mapper
but nm please thanks
Reasons you should nm my map:
- Okay I'm newish mapper but it's not my first map and I put enough effort into this to make custom bg
- Uh sure I'm creative why not
- It's 230 BPM
- Only AR 9.3 Mod on any diff super appreciated, thanks a ton in advance!
EDIT: Oh yeah and full set

Check my flag c:
nm pls ty c:
what mapper wouldnt describe their map as creative :^)
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H i r o k i
Open (Edited)
- Apollo -

Since you said new mappers are okay, just know that I am new to trying to make not garbage haha.

Just a NM please. Thank you
Uraomote Error
I've been making maps for a while now but it's always just been for fun. I never really got any feedback for any of my maps and I've been scared to ask for feedback. Not pushing for rank. Just want some feedback. Thanks!

Cerberus Roze
-been mapping for over 3 years im not new
-creative rhythm etc
if you like the map NM pls and thank
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H i r o k i
Alright folks closed for now
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H i r o k i
Open owo
Music All
NM request!
Please give me more suggestion about the object flow because I have problem on this(I'm a new mapper)

Thank you for modding my map!
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