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  1. NM or M4M: NM
  2. Song Name: Pastel Rain
  3. Artist: Sangatsu no Phantasia
  4. Length: 3:15
  5. Diffs to mod: Only one
  6. Link:
[ Zzz ]
  1. NM or M4M: NM req
  2. Song Name: Watashi, Idol Sengen
  3. Artist: Tsukino
  4. Length: 1:54
  5. Diffs to mod: lolia's insane , elness's export , af's extra , taeyang's fiery style
  6. Link: loli !
  1. NM or M4M: NM
  2. Song Name: Futari no hane
  3. Artist: yurika
  4. Length: 1:29
  5. Diffs to mod: all,,,only 2
  6. Link: futari no hane
Juan M4T
She is Komako Semenobitchi... wait
  1. NM
  2. Song Name: Chikatto Chika Chika (Keisari Remix) (sorry)
  3. Artist: Fujiwara Chika (CV: Kohara Konomi)
  4. Length: 1:28
  5. Diffs to mod: all of them, but low diffs aren't necessary
  6. Link:
Pawlyk here
  1. NM or M4M: NM
  2. Song Name: Starry Wish
  3. Artist: Inori Minase
  4. Length: 3:43 (3:34 drain)
  5. Diffs to mod: 2
  6. Link:

Cute song

NM or M4M
Song Name: Evans
Length: 1:42 (1:08 drain)
Diffs to mod: 2

I hope you would be willing to rank or approve of this map, thank you!
NM or M4M: NM
Song Name: passage d
Artist: the flashbulb
Length: 1:56
Diffs to mod: probably insane and below

  1. NM or M4M: NM
  2. Song Name: Harvest Moon Night
  3. Artist: Mikochi (CV: Shimoji Shino) & Konju (CV: Yuuki Aoi)
  4. Length: 3:47
  5. Diffs to mod: Hard
  6. Link:
- AzRaeL -
  1. NM or M4M: NM
  2. Song Name: Natsu no Owari (Soleily Remix)
  3. Artist: Denkishiki Karen Ongaku Shuudan
  4. Length: 4:45
  5. Diffs to mod: Just one there.
  6. Link:
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