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I'm just gonna post this. It's complete bullcrap that we're forced to use raw input if we want to change ingame sensitivity. It's not even remotely true that it's required to work, thousands, and I mean THOUSANDS, of other games can EASILY change ingame sensitivity without forcing raw input. This has outright made the game unplayable for me, even after coming back from a 4 year hiatus. I have an injury in my left hand that prevents me from being able to play Mouse + KB or even play tablet at all (streaming causes extreme pain in my wrist), so I'm literally forced to play Mouse only, and I used to be really good at it. Now, I can hardly hit any notes because I can't snap to notes like I used to with raw input, and I can't aim for crap at 1x sensitivity. Peppy, quit being a money whore and forcing raw input so people will buy your tablets, and remove this fake limitation.
You are welcome to submit a pull request allowing to change ingame sensitivity without raw input in osu!Lazer here: https://github.com/ppy/osu
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