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Hello everybody! I am an artist.

Because I am a (great) artist, I am offering OT exclusive art comissions! Simply tell me what you'd like (related to OT) and I will make it for you!

Of course, I don't work for free. Each drawing will cost $100 paypal.

HOWEVER because this is OT and this community rocks, I will make them for free. (One per person). You may request a manageable image within a time span of 3 hours, i.e no "draw me a full picture with details". I may accept a request but may remove or alter the request as if I feel it is too complicated, with that said I will ensure every work I do is as accurate to the original request as possible. If you are not satisfied with what I have made, you may request a rework once. I will go to the piece and change what you may have not liked. (Minor details).

Here is a look at my artworks:

Actually, that is all I made so far, but I think it's enough to show you my excellent artistic ability. I'll add more as time passes.
Please draw me like one of your French girls.

Thank you. Thank you?
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oui. Your request has been accepted!
I'm interested in your services. May I request an artistic rendition of this?

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Achromalia wrote:

I'm interested in your services. May I request an artistic rendition of this?

You may!

To avoid being overwhelmed with requests, I have closed my commissions for now. Please return once I have finished the current requests!
Time to use this to my advantage.

Guess you've got competition now!

Anyone who'd like some art, I take requests!
I wanna be the next one after achro
Tad Fibonacci
Hey Achro, draw my character!

That's my same request for Ashton too. I'd like to compare the 2 if possible.
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Hello everybody!

Achro's request has been expelled.


-Creating another commissioning thread

It is only fair that I do this, I do not want to spend the time and effort into creating artwork for one of my competitors for free!

Also, if you want me to draw you as one of my french girls, you will need to provide a few images of yourself. Otherwise, I have only your avatar to go off of!

This means all requests have been removed unless @Kobold84 would like to provide me with some references.
Alas, poor Yorick.

I'll still accept requests, even from Ashton, regardless.
Use kobolds as a reference!
Can I get a commission of non-specific little boy shotas bringing a fresh cup of "toejam coming at you at 2 mph"? That would really make my day.

also if you want trackpad drawings hmu
I just want penguins, preferably in combat gear
Haha the tea sucking jerk can't even accept competition. What a phony!
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Hello, I have accepted current requests and they should be finished by tomorrow. I don’t do digital art nor do I have a scanner so a half decent picture of a drawing will have to suffice!
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Here are the commissions!

Sadly, I had to refuse to do the toe jam one. It is associated with a fetish and I do not want to draw lewd things. I can draw a shots but it cannot be related to a fetish.


After hours of slaving over my sketchbook, I have finally finished what I would normally sell for $5’000 + 3’000 pp, but for you it is free.

TeeArctic1: This drawing, usually $100’000 and 50’000 pp, is free for you today! Enjoy my masterful artworks that blows any competition out of the water!

I'm honestly overjoyed by the portrayal. The only thing I want to mention is that my teeth are not yellow...
i didnt know ashton was so skilled
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cravenfiner wrote:

i didnt know ashton was so skilled
'tis a hidden talent given to me by god at birth.

my commissions are still open btw :2
why, my tea loving fellow denizen. could you perhaps draw a nice cup of tea to quench my thirst for art?
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