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Hiya to this random queue I'm doing.
I'm lazy af please keep reminding me if i accepted ur request but didn't mod o/

I usually pick 1-3 requests every cycle
Posting here does not guarantee you a mod

No format just post. Would like some background information about the map tho.
My style is kinda alternate mixed with bad visuals and random fast sliders :^).
also i tend to trigger when ppl stack poorly lol

I usually open queue on weekends and try to mod any map I like during that time, sometimes I'll do some additional requests on weekdays tho but I'm usually quite busy with school stuff then.

1. No kpop, r3 & breakcore.
2. For m4m I'll mod first.
3. No maps with unnecessary amount of diffs (maybe 2 or 3 experts max but no sets with like 10+diffs)
3.5 Also please no maps longer then like 15 min total drain time
4. I'll mod meme songs but not meme maps. (So no 2B stuff and things that obviously belong in grave)
5. I'll prioritize newer mappers and songs that I like. m4m has higher priority than nm. If i don't have something for m4m I'll treat it as nm
6. I won't mod what I can't play so no tech and stuff above 7.00*
7. I usually avoid maps with already a lot of ranked versions or maps that i just come across too many times. (stuff like chika etc.)
If i denied your request once. High changes I'm not interested in it and will probably deny it twice

To show you read this please post your all time favorite song. Mine is Europe - The final countdown
I map incredibly slow be patient if u request
1. I'm quite picky with songs so no guarantee if i gd.
2. I prioritize extra->expert->insane->normal->ultra->maybee easy No hards i can't map hards my hards are trash. trying to improve my hards soo maybeee
3. The longer the song the less likely i'll GD it, unless i really really like the song.
4. I'll pm if i accept, i map slow so depends on song length how fast i can finish it.
5. If I accepted but didn't send you a gd 2 weeks after i pm'd you feel free to contact me thru whatever way you possibly can think off (the more creative the better)
Also i expect the map to get at least some mods/attempted to get pushed
Metal makes me w o k e
icdd, thousand leaves & irreversible mechanism = 200% change of mod
nothing rn

Current status: Closed
GD is almost always open just post I'll check and pm if I like it
Also I'm quite picky with what I mod so I can deny your request

Also mutuals just pm lol


Pieseu wrote:

NM please
thank you

Also still open for a couple
GD request (currently need Extra/Extreme difficulties)
Hope you accept Bandori Cover
NM req
the "meme" song but not "meme" map =
Sporty-O - Let Me Hit It

new mapper XD
closed for now will prob look at them in a hour
open for 1 or 2 i guess
close again dunno if i can do all 3 today maybe tomorrow.
fuc this has the same q name as mine
change or quit w >:c

realy0_ wrote:

fuc this has the same q name as mine
change or quit w >:c
Fucc guess ill quit then :,c
https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1897519?m=0 nm or m4m for the name of god pls

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