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I'll just open this whenever I feel like modding

i'm actually experienced in mapping

I'll only pick maps that I consider close to rank or rankable

if I don't pick your map don't take it personal


It'll be NM for now unless you want to mod my
map must need to have a reasonable spread (in case that its shorter than 4 mins)
I'll be modding maps that has a lenght higher than 1 minute
I can mod multiple diffs but I probably wont mod more than 2 diffs per mapset
I've modded beginner's maps before so this time I'll just focus on those who are already experienced in mapping
Ok so to if you actually read that thing above then you must name your favourite game and why

if you see this queue closed like 10 mins after you came here then you can still try to forum PM me (but please dont do that while the queue is open cuz you'll be ignored :C)

check last post
nm pls
my favorite game is dark souls,because i like challenging games

pokemon~ They are cute!!
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i'll keep this open for a day and then pick some maps (if there are)
miIk hewoo

also i dont have a favorite game idk
Hi, NM request, thank you!

Artist - Title: Barenaked Ladies - History of Everything
Lenght: 1:38
Anything particular: it's the opening of The Big Bang Theory but the full version

Favourite Videogame: Bloodborne. Why? I love everything about Bloodborne, from the lore to the ost, bosses, weapons, etc.. but especially the atmosphere of the game.

: )
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