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I have been playing Osu for a while now and until a few months ago I always had the feeling that i was slowly but surely improving. A few weeks ago I was able to breach the 2000pp barrier and had my first 6 star pass. However there is something holding me back and that is my tapping speed, when I first started playing Osu I was single tapping all the time but i found that less efficient than alternating (the style I decided to stick with) because at that time I just wan´t able to keep up with the speed that was required. As i mentioned earlier i elegantly solved the issue by using both my fingers instead of just one to increase the speed i could tap with but that only postponed the inevitable that one day I will reach a point were my fingers can´t keep up again and that point has been reached. I can clearly see it when streaming i can´t even stream 120 bpm consistently and i can´t stream 140+ at all. I am facing some issues at 90 BPM streams and for my rank I think that is a very poor statement. The reason i made it as far is the fact that I can compensate the lack of speed my fingers have with "good aim" but that leaves me with only the possibility of playing so called "farm maps" maps that require you to be good at aiming and not so good at clicking but thats not exactly what What and Who I want to be. I don´t expect to suddenly be amazing at streaming but even being able to play 120 consistently for 20 seconds is something I would consider a win. I made a post 1-2 months ago in which I highlighted the issue and asked for some advice I got lets say mixed answers (https://osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/topics/854231?start=6938806 link to the post). One thing I generally heard a lot was play more well thats what I did I went ahead downloaded some stream practice maps and I played those. As you can probably derive from the title of this post I didn´t have that much success, but im not willing to give up any advise is welcome as long as its productive ;)
sry for the long post I wish yall a great day and enjoy your free pp :)
p.s. thanks for ll the answers in advance ;)
"senya" and "demetori" stuff, even from graveyard helped me to improve at streams.
When i started to check my skills in streams, i was like you at around 100bpm for long, and 130bpm for burst-streams.
Now a few months later, i'm like 150bpm stable, and 170bpm busrts, as long as aiming is not causing me trouble of course. (spaced stuff and jump-streams are still a nightmare)
Try them out, maybe it will help you too.
You just play lots of streams that are outside of what you are comfortable playing.
Sorry for hijacking your thread but are stacks considered streams too or stream is only when circles are laid out? Is something like Knight of Knights Nasya's Insane streaming for example?
bursts = up your speed (if they're 10-20bpm faster than your comfort speed)

longer streams at "max comfortable stream speed" = ups your stamina

focus on doing all the burst maps you have, and literally download all of them, play all the stream maps you have from 3* and go up in diff

you'll eventually probably will get stuck at 170-180bpm streaming. my advice? play more stream maps, as there's literally no better advice than that.

just make sure you challenge yourself a bit, not too much (>30 bpm above your comfort zone) or not at all (comfort zone)

focusing on acc is good too
Play faster maps out of your comfort zone, if you fail use nofail.
If you feel like the fingers hurt stop and play something easier or just do something else.
You should see improvement. But don't forget to have fun. If you feel frustrated play maps that are fun for you yadayada.
boas takaga pro

illyTheKid wrote:

Sorry for hijacking your thread but are stacks considered streams too or stream is only when circles are laid out? Is something like Knight of Knights Nasya's Insane streaming for example?
I tried the map you mentioned and i am having issues with that aswell

Juuuuuuuuul wrote:

Avoid "Stream training maps" it's boring and only usefull for stamina.

There are some low bpm bursts/streams you may enjoy :


ty very much <3
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