[Closed] Jeezyh's STD Modding Queue (NM/M4M)

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Hello! Im creating a modding queue to improve my modding and hopefully be useful for you.
Down below are the rules for NM and M4M and a box with my preference. Preference are not mandatory but it give you more chance to have an mod! Also, M4M reqs have higher priority.

I'm not very experienced in modding so, i'll do my best but don't expect too much!

If i didn't mod your map it's probably because i have nothing to say on it or you are not exerienced at all. Begginners maps are welcome but if it's your really first map and don't have any idea of what you are doing, please just don't ask for mods in general. Modding thoses maps is just boring, because there's too much to say, if you are in this case, just ask for testplay to friends or whatever, you'll improve by mapping more.



  1. Standard only!
  2. Any genre of music is fine.
  3. No memes.
  4. Please post which difficulty you want me to mod, if you don't specify any difficulty i will choose the one i prefer. (Probably top one)
  5. If you ask for E|N|H diffs, don't expect too much from me.
  6. Don't post when it's closed or it'll be ignored.
  7. Read last post.

  1. Same rules as above.
  2. i mod first, i'll pm you if accepted.
  3. Read last post.

Current Map To Mod
  1. I prefer Japanese songs with female vocals.
  2. Mapset is hitsounded.
  3. Going for ranked.
  4. I can play the top diff without tryharding. (< 7*)
  5. Would be amazing if you link me a pic of a cute fox girl <3
Hai OwO
Can m4m but pref nm.
NM Any help is appreciated!

Thank you!
expert or insane plz
thanks in advance
[ Zzz ]
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