How to I make my friends stop being normies

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my friends are super duper normie. how I can make em to stop?

(are normies normie? is this meme normie now? pls don't tell me it is)
You shouldn’t try to turn your friends into your idealized vision of one.

Instead, you should either accept your differences, or by preference you may want to ditch them.

Friends should be a supplement to your daily life; not an aspect you feel you need to change to fit your needs.
if you are talking about the rejectful normies, the solution is to let them sit and watch anime in a bunker.

if you are talking about the clueless normies, i think you should let them live normally.
Vuelo Eluko
make them read/watch made in abyss
Tad Fibonacci
Have normies friends.

Reeeeeee whenever near them.

Now you have no friends.

Tad Fibonacci
Video for reference:
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