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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2019년 6월 25일 화요일 at 오후 6:00:04

Artist: P4koo
Title: Feelings of fake (feat. Tsuyuri Karin)
Tags: omc Moa coin c_o_i_n Affirmation AF neoskylove einess skymin skydroid Dailycare Morinaga Cellina kuro_usagi [_kuro_usagi_]
BPM: 202
Filesize: 24129kb
Play Time: 01:54
Difficulties Available:
  1. AF's Insane (4.88 stars, 336 notes)
  2. C O I N's Hard (3.67 stars, 329 notes)
  3. Cellina's Ultra (6.69 stars, 628 notes)
  4. Dailycare's Extreme (6.24 stars, 645 notes)
  5. eINess' Extra (5.96 stars, 472 notes)
  6. Fragments (7.02 stars, 657 notes)
  7. Moa's Normal feat. Heilia (2.27 stars, 193 notes)
  8. Skymin's Expert (6.13 stars, 587 notes)

Download: P4koo - Feelings of fake (feat. Tsuyuri Karin)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing


Normal by Moa
Hard by C O I N
Insane by Affirmation
Extra by eINess
Expert by Skymin
Extreme by Dailycare (Professional #1)
Ultra by Cellina (Professional #2)
Fragments by Heilia (Rookie #1)


Thank you all for AMAZING Guest Difficulties !! <3

banner by -Zeraora i love you <3

storyboard by [ Kuro Usagi ] feat. Affirmation

C O I N:
During OMC # 1 ~ 4 I always sent mail to tournament team at the same time.
A few months ago someone was cheating and the rules were strengthened.
If you do not send an e-mail before the start of the contest, you will receive an e-mail saying that you can not get your badge.

I said, "It's always been that way, also I now know that it has changed."
I've sent many replies, but I didn't recieve any replies.

I also held another competition named OFCT. Although OFCT meets the conditions, but they said no.
I explained it hard through e-mail, but there is no answer.
I have no idea how hard the rule changed to be able to get a badge.

I'm going to contact someone else not tournament team, but i think OMC#4's badge is gone. i'm so sorry about this.

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