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What merchandising changes would you like to see?

Higher quality T-Shirts
23.46% 210
More "button" options
9.27% 83
Cell-phone cases
11.73% 105
Pippi plushies
17.77% 159
More Catch the Beat Merchandise
3.80% 34
More Taiko Merchandise
7.04% 63
Greater variety in general merchandise design
16.20% 145
10.73% 96
Total votes: 895
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In some amount of time we will be opening a new online store. We aim to offer higher quality merchandise, greater localization, and more items to choose from. Keep in mind, that some of the poll options are a given and therefore we would like your input on the type of merchandise you would like to see beyond the given items.

If something is not listed in the poll, suggest it. This poll is simply a guideline. This is community voice after-all.

On a side note, if you have any art you would like to submit, please PM me or post it in this thread. Submitted art can go on anything from stickers to pillow cases and exceptional osu! art makes for exceptional osu! merchandise for everyone!

I'm allowing you to vote up to 3 times. Keep in mind you do not have to select 3 things. Please don't select anything you don't actually care about. Serious voting only :o
I have my own pippy plushie... but in fact, could be nice to see more merchandise about osu! and their respective games (Taiko and Ctb)

Ibuki Suika wrote:

That's an awesome idea. The best we could do is make a vinyl sticker (like car decal stickers) around that size since all keyboards are different.
A Pippi cosplay

mm201 wrote:

A Pippi cosplay
Of course you would mm. I will make you one and ship it to you :P
I would like to have an osu! Belt/Bag♥
I voted more Taiko and CTB merchandise, because, well i'm proud ctb player and i like taiko as well :) ; and some pippi plushies too, cause she's just too cute.
@Gabe Both of those will definitely be happening.

@Celycchan I realize lots of people just play Taiko and CTB so we definitely need more merchandise there.
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