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Greetings everybody!

Things you should know first:

-I have been messing around with mapping for 3 years, sometimes I took breaks, never really went hard for ranked cause I just had better stuff to do. But as of now i'm serious about it and want to get better!

-I will play your map before I mod it to see how it feels so that's an extra bonus!

-Please make sure the map is correctly timed.

-I will mod ONLY finished maps.

-I will only mod marathon maps if it's an M4M request.

-I will only mod 3.7 stars+

NM request rules:

-No cute/moe stuff like loli music or loli background or whatever.

-This doesn't mean I don't map japanese music or anime music, just make sure it's not overly cute cause I don't like that shit.

-Drum and bass is insanely prefered. (I will mod DnB maps first)

That's pretty much it for NM.

M4M request rules:

Pretty much the same rules for NM. (Yes no cute/moe stuff seriously)
Remember you're allowed to request a marathon map for M4M.

M4M map: https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/909267#osu/1897444
NM pls~

Thank you!
Type: NM
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/869782#osu/1817720

Thanks man, I appreciate it <3
NM please!
Thanks in advance! :3
M4M request, I do not have very much experience, willing though!

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