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I was talking to a friend about this since I had made a GD for him. I normally don't do GDs apart from if they're really short, like under 1 minute. So I was thinking how could GDs be more encouraged throughout the community?

My main idea was that the difficulties that are made could count as a ranked map, of course it is ranked. Same goes for pending, loved, and graveyarded. However, some sort of label would be put on them to show it is a Guest Difficulty.

The "Skid's Insane" part could also be replaced with "GD". As well has this, maybe consider having all of the mappers in the "mapped by" section. Also if this overflows because of how easy some are to make, maybe make an entire new section in the profile page called "Guest Difficulties". This could include ranked, pending, loved and graveyared GDs.

The basic idea was that Guest Difficulties should be better managed, so they feel less like an extended title and more like something you were actually part of. Another suggestion is that in the modding area, the mappers can't hype the map, so that modders/players can. I feel like when mappers finish their GD, they'll just hype it because they want it to be ranked, not because of anything else but just because they did something in it. I've done this as well. Also in modv2, mappers could resolve their own difficulties. Finally, and most importantly, people can update their own difficulties without sending the mapper the file and them implementing it, because this takes time and is annoying to do after every small change.

So in conclusion, I really feel like (and others I've talked to) Guest Difficulties should be something by the difficulty mapper, rather than the main mapper. This could be done by some sort of checkbox in the "song setup" part of the editor:

I believe this will encourage (me included) more mappers to do Guest Difficulties. It will be more rewarding and make certain mappers who mainly do these, more noticed.

This whole thing could also be said about collabs, however these normally involve less mapping. I'm not really as sure on this one especially since I've never done one. So if this suggestion gets pushed forward, I guess you guys could discuss it.

If you have any more ideas to add on to this feel free to mention them :3
The problem with your implementation is that it would probably require a new .osu version since it'd add more metadata. It might be easier to add the functionality to the website instead, but I don't actually know how maps are added to user profiles. Being able to update your guest diffs yourself would be nice, but it'd probably be a lot of work too. As for resolving mods, it'll happen at some point.

Collabs are also something to consider. Letting multiple people resolve mods on a diff would be fairly straightforward. Letting all collabers update the collab would also be simple provided that updating guest diffs separately is implemented. As for adding collabs to user profiles, again, I don't know how easy it'd be but it'd probably be an easy extension to adding guest diffs to profiles.
Maybe this would be good for osu!lazer? As that is still in development.

Skidooskei wrote:

Maybe this would be good for osu!lazer? As that is still in development.
This is more a web thing, which has its own branch set aside from lazer. The only thing client side would probably need is to accept the new .osu file that would likely be needed and the window you suggest.
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