How to create own jump and stream practice maps?

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Hello beloved Osu! community,

since I wanted to start working on my streaming issues and sharpening my jumping skills, but very dislike the music in published jump and stream training maps, I wanted to create my very own ones that suit my skill.

Stream maps seem to be easy to create, jump maps a bit harder, so I wanted to ask if someone knows about a guide specificly to create one of those stream and jump maps?

Do you also have some tipps and tricks to consider on how to create a quality training map?

thanks in advance :D
If you're going to make a training map solely for yourself, ask yourself some questions. What type of jumps do I have trouble with? What's my streaming speed limit? What can I stream consistently? For jumps try various shapes at various spacings, and throw in some rotations. Make stuff that would be hard for you to read. And for streams, make it at a speed just slightly out of your comfort zone, so you can get better. Play around with spacing if you want to learn spaced streams or something.
jumps on 1/2 and streams on 1/4.
1/4 and 1/8 on low bpm stuff (90 or less).
1/3 and 1/6 for some cases.

Edit : i suggest to do that on a ranked/qualified/loved map because a lot of graveyard's maps are not even correctly timed.
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