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I heard alot of people saying that blacks are good for stamina and reds are lightest. So the idea of having a light keyboard sounds good so I bought a keypad(k22 motospeed) online and when it came it didn't really feel light at all, what gives?

Are reds really light? Please explain both of them to me in your own opinion.
reds are crazy light, i cant even type on them without making constant mistypes. Blacks are heavy enough to help push your fingers back up after pressing reducing the strain on the much weaker extensor muscles of the fingers thereby increasing stamina. For me reds were so light they didn't really push my finger back up whatsoever and I tired out sooner.

you may want to break the keys in some, they do change a little bit after some usage
One absorbs all wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation in the visible light spectrum and the other reflects a wavelength of electromagnetic radiation that is approximately 680 nanometers.

So yes, reds can be considered light. Light with red to be more precise.
To make blacks actuate, you need to use more grams of force then you do with reds which have like, no resistance.
Gl in your choice.
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